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Answers your key questions about triathlon – what is it, who does them, can I do one, where do I start?
Provides the top tips on getting started and giving it a go!
Guides you in the right direction looking at issues from bike selection to food, coaching to triathlon clubs
Motivates you into having a go! Everyone can do one. Anything is Possible!

I am passionate about triathlon and about women re-discovering themselves through exercise and better nutrition. After kids I was struggling to feel like myself until I decided to complete a triathlon again – about 10 years after doing my last one!
Now, several years later I have a new lease of life. I regularly participate in outdoor events, mainly triathlon but also cycling and running events. I love the atmosphere, the fun and my kids learning about Mummy in a context other than as their Mum! I also love the shape my body is in NOW even though I have turned 50!
This book will simply explain WHAT a triathlon is and give you easy tips to get started. Download it here and you will find yourself at the start of the most exciting journey you can undertake – the rediscovery of YOU!