A Simple Explanation of Heart Rate Zones for the Endurance Cyclist

If you are one of the many heart rate monitor wearers that actually do not understand what and how to use a heart rate zone then this simple article explains what the five commonly used zones are, how you recognise them and how you can measure them for yourself.

Should I Eat Before I Workout in the Morning?

To fuel or not to fuel prior to a morning working out continues to be a hot topic in the world of dieting, sporting performance and healthy eating. But if excuses like "Ï'm just not hungry in the morning" or "I'm trying to lose weight" popped into your mind when you read this headline then read on to find out the perfect FUEL for your morning workout which will get the best out of your workout at minimal effort and maximum benefit to your body.

HIIT’s So Easy: How High-Intensity Interval Training Can Start with Walking

You’ve probably heard all about the amazing benefits of high-intensity interval training — faster fat burning and increased calorie burn both during your workout and for hours after among them. […]

Inspired to get outside?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the amount and type of exercise we do every week makes a big difference to […]

Do your joints need oiling?

I recently discovered I have osteoarthritis in both knees. Apparently this makes me similar to 1 in 5 adults (US study) who also all have arthritis, […]

When Old Age Catches Up…..

Recently I have had the lucky ability to reverse my body’s aging processes by completely changing my diet. I switched to completely clean eating supported by […]

192 years old and in Paris – what to do?

So what do four women, combined age of 192, when in one of the worlds most visited tourist cities, do with themselves? They talk (a lot) […]

Yeah, it sucks to be female and over 40!

Important information on weight loss after 40, and what to do to maintain healthy weight into middle age and beyond. If you miss the days when […]

Will I – or Won’t I – Ever Enjoy Open Water Swimming?

I keep needing to reassure myself that I can do this openwater swimming thing. So every Thursday morning I wake up early, I tell myself that […]

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!

Feel the fear and do it anyway – the title of a rather famous motivational mindset book which I read 10 years ago and cast aside. […]

Stuck in the Gym on the Treadmill?

Running is a great form of exercise, but too often gym-goers find themselves confined to the treadmill. Any exercise is beneficial, but there are established scientific […]

Will you take caffeine with that?

Last night I went to a very informative sports nutrition evening in which Liz Dene, nutritionist, exercise scientist and international fitness presenter took us through the […]