Yeah, it sucks to be female and over 40!

Important information on weight loss after 40, and what to do to maintain healthy weight into middle age and beyond. If you miss the days when […]

A Declining State of Health

An Article by Jim Rhoades: After spending approximately 10 years researching and investigating the questions pertaining to our declining health, I have pinpointed seven problem areas […]

Should you give your Valentine a Chocolate?

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Is Mince Pie Consumption this Christmas linked to the Performance of your Organisation?

If you eat just one mince pie every day in the lead-up to Christmas without compensating with extra exercise, you will be up to a kilo heavier […]

The ‘whey’ to a healthier YOU

By Doctor Michael Colgan Your blood cells replace themselves every three to four months. Your muscle cells replace themselves about every six months. Brain cells can […]

Managing stress in our lives

Today, I have been thinking about STRESS. Why? Because I am quite a stress-head! No – really? Yes, really! I have been known to lie awake […]

Getting Over Holidays

We have just returned from our family winter break and are counting the costs, financial and otherwise of taking a break. Financially it was fine – […]

Going past 60 – how to do it gracefully and healthily

Been musing recently about getting older – not that I am anywhere near 60 as yet! BUT my mother-in-law, who lives here in Australia, is well […]