Bike Skills & Confidence: Level 2

Objective of This Course

To develop a greater understanding of cycling and to improve the skills with which a rider negotiates an open road and the traffic and terrain it offers. Additionally, to enable riders to develop greater endurance and strength over distances up to 40km enabling them to plan and undertake subsequent rides by themselves or by joining a local group.

Many of us that own a bike are actually nervous to use it despite living in some awesome cycling territory. This nervousness may stem from a lack of skills, prior experience or from a lack of fitness. We hope that after you have completed one of these coached rides you will be able to arrange a solo or group ride and participate with confidence and strength. We want you to ENJOY cycling as much as we do!

Number of Participants

Cycling Australia allow for a maximum of 4 participants per coach. This number is the maximum permitted to sign up for this course and will facilitate the maximum participation and results from your time invested.

Skills Required to Undertake This Course

The following are the skills required to undertake this bike course. For each member of the bike course to enjoy, participate and learn whilst improving their skills and endurance each participant MUST be confident in each skill listed below. The most important is the use of cleats. If you are not confident in cleats or have not used them on the open roads for several months we suggest you spend more time perfecting cleat use before signing up for this course.

Skill Level of Proficiency
Bike Preparation (e.g. Air Brake Chain check) Must be done for every bike ride
Starting in the Power Position Always
Stopping – With and Without Adequate Notice Confident and quick
Clipping In and Out of Cleats Confident – has used cleats for a few months
Looking Behind You and Scanning for Danger Always
Arm Signals (Left, Right, Stopping) Knows When to Use Them and Can Use Every Time
Remove and Use Water Bottle Whilst in Motion, Return Confident/No Wobbles

Skills Acquired in This Course

The following are the skills we are looking at improving during this course. Above all else, each participant will use these skills in rides of increasing length and pace. Our aim is for riders to be both confident and strong over distances of 20-40km at the conclusion of the course.

If a particular skill requires special attention (for example, descending) – the group may repeat a section of the ride several times until the coach is confident the skill has been attained. Whilst this will affect the total distance covered in the ride it is more important to guarantee the safe accomplishment of the required skill level.

Improved gear selection for up and down hill work
Improved cadence and gear selection for flat or slightly undulating terrain
Competent traffic skills including parked cars, turning left and turning right
Ability to ride as part of a small group
Knowledge and use of all the group riding signals and calls
Confidence in descending
Confidence and ability in climbing hills


Unless otherwise notified all rides will begin from Terrey Hills. In order to help riders appreciate the beauty of the local area that we are so lucky to have as our cycle playground, rides will include downhill and uphill work including (but not limited to) McCarrs Creek Road, Akuna Bay (both directions) and West Head. We recognise that Akuna Bay can be steep in either direction so the coach will not include this until all riders are confident and the coach considers all are capable of both ascending and descending Akuna Bay.

Please park in the car park shown on the map. Public toilets are available.

Departure Time and Etiquette

We recommend that riders meet in the car park shown on the map at least 15 mins prior to the nominated departure time. All riders must be ready to roll at departure time – this includes the completion of your own ABC check paying particular attention to having tyres properly inflated to 100 PSI.  It is not fair on the group if one rider is late because this negatively affects all riders. Please book in here!

Food and Drink

We will be riding for 2 hours and participants need to ensure they are adequately prepared with food and drink. We recommend the following:

  1. A decent meal with quickly absorbed protein and carbs prior to departure
  2. A well hydrated body prior to departure
  3. At least 2 water bottles of 710ml capacity filled with a carb (or at the very least) an electrolyte solution such as Endura or Tail Wind
  4. Additional carbs e.g. Cliff Bar, Winners Bar, Dates, Honey Sandwich
  5. A post ride snack containing both protein and carbs (we use a protein shake!). There is a local coffee shop too for post ride treats.

Clothing and What to Bring

  • Bike (duh!)
  • Bike shoes with cleats (or runners if you do not use cleats but please call Liz first if you are not wearing cleats yet or are not confident in cleats)
  • Bike shorts (the padded ones if you have them – the session is 2 hours so you do not want to get sore bits)
  • Lycra top or usual bike gear. NB Please try to ensure your top has short sleeves (i.e. not a tank top) and is not floppy. Floppy T-shirts are a menace on a bike, prevent you from going fast and look uncool!!!
  • Australian Standard Helmet – please check before you leave that you have the required sticker in your helmet. I am not legally obliged to take anyone who does not have this sticker – for safety’s sake.
  • Any measuring devices you have – like a Garmin or heart rate monitor.
  • An extra bag mounted on your bike somewhere with your puncture repair kit in it. In the event of a puncture I will help but you need to have at least 1 spare inner tube and either a CO2 canister OR a bike pump. Please go to your local bike shop and ask them to kit you out with the relevant stuff. Even ask them for some tips – if they are nice they should help. (PS Bike mechanics is a completely separate course!!)
  • All your questions
  • A positive can do attitude


Money should be paid via our website prior to departure. We understand that the rides may have to be cancelled at short notice due to weather conditions. Every effort will be made to reschedule to a mutually convenient time for all participants if this happens and no-one will be out of pocket.

Wet Weather Options

Please ensure I have your mobile phone number BEFORE the course date. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure I have it so we can communicate in the event that the weather is doubtful. The final call on the weather will be made no later than 30 minutes before our intended departure time.


In the event of any further questions please call Liz on 0410 195567 or email her ( It is better to have tons of questions before the ride than come unprepared or lacking the appropriate skills.


Cost per session is $40 per person allocated on a first come first served basis. Please book in here.


Please book in at our shop and Liz will be in contact to arrange a suitable time. Courses are available on most weekdays at flexible times or on a Sunday.


If this course sounds rather advanced for you and your aim is more about gathering bike confidence outdoors then our Bike Confidence Outdoors Small Group Session may be better suited for you. Call or email Liz for more details.

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