Another indoor session for the rainy day blues

Another rainy day? Never fear – we have the answer to your training blues. Try this intermediate level indoor bike session to chase the blues away and earn your dinner!

This is a one hour session.

Warm-up: 15 minutes total made up of:

a) 6 min easy spin

b) 5×30 sec ON/30 sec OFF high cadence intervals in small chainring. Cadence should be above 100 RPM without rocking on the saddle during the ON segments. Upper body should stay still, while the legs do the work. This will make the time pass quickly during warm-up and to also quickly elevate the heart rate. It will also set you up for the fun of the main set. OFF should be easy spin.

c) 4 min easy spin, prep mind for main set.

Main set: 32 minutes made up of:

1 minute ON /1 minute OFF
2/2 minute
3/3 minute
4/4 minute
3/3 minute
2/2 minute
1/1 minute (the same time ON and OFF).

All of the ON intervals are done slightly above the functional threshold (FT, the maximal pace you can sustain for an effort of approximately 60 min in duration). If you do not know this the work on perceived effort. On the perceived effort scale (1-10), the ON intervals would be ~9 out of 10. Use your gear of choice to maintain a cadence above 90 RPM for the ON intervals.

Cool-down: 13 minutes Include 5 mins of 1 legged drills (let me know if you don’t know what these are)

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Liz is an accredited Cycle Australia coach and has 20 years experience over time trial, triathlon, endurance and Ironman cycling events. She coaches cyclists at all levels from her indoor studio at her home in Dee Why and in the beautiful Kurringai National Park. To find out more about cycling with Liz check out her website or click here to find out about indoor cycle sessions, beginner outdoor sessions or more advanced options.

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