Liz’s Mix It Up Indoor Bike Training Session

Many cyclists scoff at the indoor sessions preferring to ride for hours and hours through traffic lights and other time wasters to ensure their weekly strava km target is achieved. Then there are those that see an indoor bike training session as a highly effective use of time and a perfect way to control environmental factors and focus on cycling style, technique and power development. Even if you belong to the former category there will be days when it is impossible to cycle outdoors. This session mixes it all up, works you hard and develops muscle strength (in the one legged cycling drills), VO2 max (in the sprints) and endurance (in the pyramid). It certainly isn’t boring either. Give it a go!

Click Here to See Liz in Action Indoors on Her Time Trial Bike

Here’s a set that mixes it all up preventing boredom whilst maximising the return on one hour of effort on your bike.

Time = 1 hour

Requirements = Indoor Bike Trainer (Power Trainers are best but any old trainer will do just to keep you active when it rains outside); Your Normal Bike, Lots of Water, a Cooling Fan, a Towel

Warm Up = 20 mins
4 min easy
5 mins of one legged cycling (30 sec right side pedal, 30 sec both pedals, 30 sec left side pedal)
3 min easy
5 mins of 30 sec ON (sprint, up 1 or 2 gears, cadance 110+) / 30 sec OFF (coast)
3 min easy

Main Set = 26 mins
10 min power pyramid x 2
2 min base gear
2 min Base + 1
2 min Base + 2
2 min Base +1
2 min Base

Maintain cadence at steady 90-100rpm for each interval.

3 min easy between each

Warm Down = 14 mins
5 mins of one legged cycling (30 sec right side pedal, 30 sec both pedals, 30 sec left side pedal)
9 mins of spinning down the gears and cadence until last 3/4 mins are easy

Get off and stretch

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Liz is an accredited Cycle Australia coach and has 20 years experience over time trial, triathlon, endurance and Ironman cycling events. She coaches cyclists at all levels from her indoor studio at her home in Dee Why and in the beautiful Kurringai National Park. To find out more about cycling with Liz check out her website or click here to find out about indoor cycle sessions, beginner outdoor sessions or more advanced options.

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