Drop a Dress Size Old


Re-discover your fabulous self!

You don’t like the way you look and feel but don’t know where to start? Our simple 30 day superfood smoothie and supplement programme guides you easily to a new place of health, energy and body shape.

Drop a Dress Size in 30 Days

Drop a Dress Size, Look Hot and Feel Great with the world’s leading nutritional program
Re-boot your body and energy levels following an easy monthly programme with convenient smoothies and supplements
Supportive and responsive coach available online, on FB, on the phone and F2F
FREE additional advice covering simple nutritional guidelines to support a health transformation

What Our Clients Say

Renata Vink, Dural, NSW

“Losing weight and improving my health has always been a struggle for me. Thanks to Liz and her passion to be fit and healthy, I have been motivated to join the shake and supplement program. The convenience of the program makes it easy to stick to my weight loss goals. Thanks to Liz’s encouragement I have included exercise and am in the process of becoming fit and healthy. “

Who Needs This?

If you are exhausted and don’t feel attractive anymore then use our programme to transform what you eat. You will double your energy and drop the kilos
If you are confused by all the diet BS out there we can show you how simple it is to eat right. Supported initially by convenient superfood smoothies and supplements you learn how easy it is to overhaul old eating habits and look HOT again.
If you want to provide a healthy role model to your kids then our nutritional guidelines are suitable for the whole family and guide you to a healthy future

Why Work With Us?

Three years ago I was where you are now. I transformed my health kickstarting the change with this programme and learning simple strategies which I teach you in easy bite sized chunks
This is not a time consuming fancy meal plan but a programme of superfood smoothies and essential supplements to guide your health change. Whilst you are supercharging change I teach you nutritional guidelines which will underpin all future meal choices
We have worked with hundreds of women and understand the basic guidelines which can transform your health in a sustainable way