Drop A Dress Size


Powerful F2F & online coaching, nutrition and training programs created for Mums 40+ to help supercharge your health, fitness and energy levels. Work with us and you will drop a dress size in 30 days and reboot your body.
Drop a Dress Size in 30 Days

I am a 40+ Mum, wife and triathlete and I understand, at first hand, the reality of the emotional, mental and physical challenges that face busy, tired and time poor Mums. We struggle to create sufficient time for ourselves to eat and exercise well. We need a healthy and convenient way to lose weight and build a strong, healthy body with masses of energy to power through the day.

Drop a Dress Size, Look Hot and Feel Great with the world’s leading nutritional program
Re-boot your body and energy levels following an easy monthly programme with convenient smoothies and supplements
Supportive and responsive coach available online, on FB, phone & F2F
FREE additional advice covering simple nutritional guidelines to support a health transformation
Massive Facebook group waiting to offer guidance, support & motivation

What You Get

24/7 guidance, support and motivation
56 superfood smoothies
Tonics for cleansing and energy
Up to 5 additional supplements to support all around health, cleansing and weight loss
Added extras include videos, education, seminars, events, snacks, blenders, shakers and many more

Who Needs This?

If you are confused by all the diet BS out there. This program shows you how simple it is to eat right.
If you want to provide a healthy role model to your family. Our nutritional guidelines guide you to a healthy future
If you currently feel exhausted all the time. You need help from your diet, we’ll show you how.

Why Work With Us

Because I’ve been where you are now
Because I make it easy and support you all the way
Because I have already worked successfully with hundreds of women

How Liz supports your health and wellness journey...

“Losing weight and improving my health has always been a struggle for me. Thanks to Liz and her passion to be fit and healthy, I have been motivated to join the shake and supplement program. The convenience of the program makes it easy to stick to my weight loss goals. Thanks to Liz’s encouragement I have included exercise and am in the process of becoming fit and healthy. “

Renita Vink Dural – NSW

“Liz’s greatest attribute is her un-waivering belief in people assisting them to achieve goals that they may not even think possible. Her knowledge of how to complement diet and exercise into daily life in a sustainable way has been invaluable”. Read More…

Deanna Waters Sydney

“I’m a Mum of two young boys, I work and I have a part-time business of my own. I rarely found time to look after myself. A year ago I ate honey sandwiches for breakfast. lunch and sometimes even dinner and wondered why I felt terrible. I used to do triathlon before kids but I hated to look at my body in the mirror. The programme has given me far more structure & convenience. As a result my energy levels are much higher, I balance all the demands more effectively and my whole family feels happier”

Jodie Palmer Sydney

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