Can I train for a triathlon in 12 weeks?

Yes you can train for a triathlon in 12 weeks! Your choice of triathlon may need to change however to reflect your starting fitness level and experience. Once you sign up for a programme and nominate a triathlon as your goal I ask you to complete a worksheet in which we assess your existing gear, experience and levels of fitness. This enables us to select a triathlon length appropriate to your level. For example – if you rarely ride a bike but are already run and swim fit then a standard distance triathlon is possible with 12 weeks training. However, if you are not very fit when you start in any of the triathlon disciplines its best to start with a shorter distance and ensure successful. We can always work towards a longer distance event in the future.

What kind of gear do I need for a triathlon? Do I need to spend lots of money?

Triathlon is a gear intensive sport – it is three sports in one after all! BUT you do not have to spend top dollar to complete your first ever triathlon. The bare minimum is a basic bike, a quality bike helmet, a swim suit and a good pair of running shoes. We will chat about extras like a wetsuit (necessary if your swim is likely to be very cold), a watch that times your training (only necessary if you like to get technical and time everything) and cleats to improve your cycling. But seriously, all this can wait if your goal is just to enter and complete your first ever triathlon.

What happens to my subscription if something happens and I cannot continue my plan for a few weeks?

If something gets in the way of your training plan or your ability to continue your nutritional challenge then we can put your subscription payments on hold. We will take such situations on a case by case basis. It’s also a good idea to look at our terms and conditions when you sign up because these go into this in more detail.

If I pay in full upfront and then want to stop will this be possible?

We will look at each situation on a case by case basis. It is our goal at Fit and Fabulous at 40 Plus to ensure that ALL our clients are happy with the programme AND get to achieve their goals. The terms and conditions provide a more detailed explanation of the termination conditions.

What happens if I miss my weekly FOCUS call with you?

We have on average 24 clients that we work with at any one time. We attempt to be as flexible as possible to meet your busy schedule. With sufficient advance notice we can reschedule the weekly focus call and Liz often calls clients back at a time that suits them better. Flexibility from both parties is appreciated so we can enjoy working together and achieve your health and fitness goals.

What happens if I miss my weekly FOCUS call with you?

What kind of extras come with my training plan?

The training plan mentions extras so let’s give you an idea of what is also available from our Fit and Fabulous Resources. We frequently produce short videos to illustrate a technical point or we recommend videos from other authors that do it well. Many clients like to listen to podcasts particularly when traveling and we have sourced a number of great podcasts to help at appropriate times. Liz also likes to be in tune with her client’s needs and frequently calls, texts or messages to ensure that a client remains on–track. She has been known to source specific recipes for a particular situation or lend gear when a dire situation arises. We go the extra mile to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Please can you tell me more about the Drop a Dress Size in 30 days nutritional program

I use a program of superfood smoothies and supplements to help clients achieve their weightloss, energy and health goals. The programme relies on a science known as nutritional cleansing which you can read all about if you need more information. BUT the most important facts are that a) it is 100% healthy b) it 100% works! Why – because the programme ensures that you are putting fabulous nutrition into your body enabling you and your body to make healthier, calorie controlled food choices. Hey presto – kg fall off and muscle gets built helping you sustain your weight change in the longer term. This programme, coupled with coaching and regular focus calls, means you can LOOK HOT and FEEL GREAT within 30 days!

I do not live in Sydney (I live elsewhere in Australia or overseas) can I still join one of the programmes please?

Everyone can undertake the programmes from wherever they live. We live in a super connected world so the weekly calls can be undertaken in a Skype environment if required. We do everything we can to accommodate people living in different time zones. Just email us first if you have concerns. Our only caveat is that Liz speaks only English. Please choose accordingly.

I want to sign up but I am not ready to start for a few weeks. What should I do?

Fit and Fabulous at 40 Plus recommends you sign up when you get the urge! After all – it’s about prioritising yourself and if you procrastinate then you may never achieve that fabulous finish line or healthy body. If you have to delay your start point then we can delay subsequent payments as required or continue beyond the official end date by mutual agreement (and written confirmation).
Some people have a specific goal which happens to be more than 12 weeks out. There is no time like the present to start so we recommend you start and then extend the training plan on a weekly basis until the finish line.

I would like to nominate a friend to train with? Will she or he get a discount if we sign up together?

Yes! It’s the most effective way to guarantee success to have someone you will train with or get healthy with. Email us before you sign up and we can issue a discount code to use when your friend signs up.

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