"Finish Your First Triathlon" FREE Webinar

EITHER February 27 2017 OR March 6 2017 at 8.30pm

It's Only 30 Minutes!

5 Key Reasons to Attend the Webinar

You need a goal for 2017
You have been considering doing a triathlon for so long you need motivation to commit
You don’t know what a triathlon is!
You have already done a triathlon but want to do better
You have nothing better to do so don’t mind spending 30 minutes in the company of awesome people

Attend our FREE Webinar

We will cover the following topics

What the heck is a triathlon?
Why would I want to do a triathlon?
Don’t I need lots of expensive equipment to do a triathlon?
I don’t suppose I could do a triathlon could I?
I’d like to try but isn’t triathlon training very time consuming?

Here at Iron Mums at 40 Plus we have taken many non-athletes and helped them achieve a lifetime sporting goal including several triathlons. We know a thing or two about triathlons and want to share our passion for the sport with you,

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