192 years old and in Paris – what to do?

Paris Run 3So what do four women, combined age of 192, when in one of the worlds most visited tourist cities, do with themselves? They talk (a lot) and they – run!

To me – this latter was an activity to be celebrated, respected, cherished and remembered (and even repeated every five years, in a different capital city). The fact that none of us have EVER run together before and that only I was even remotely interested in running when we first all met at University, makes it even more special to me.

I may spend my life down under celebrating and practising womens’ health and fitness but my friends all lead busy lives holding down major corporate roles or managing and setting up their own entrepreneurial ventures.

How come such busy women who spent their University years and much of their post University years more interested in dining out than running, were even capable, let alone interested in running 7.5km around Paris when surely we should rather have picked an expensive Parisian haunt for a major brunch feast?

Because fitness is possible and even enjoyable despite your circumstances, your prior history, your body shape and your previous inclinations. However hard you work, no matter how many kids you juggle, no matter what your state of health, attempting something physical will invigorate, motivate and improve your health, wellbeing and outlook on life.

For example, if you were Director of PR for a multinational media giant who also juggles a husband with an equally busy career incorporating frequent overseas travel and two kids around the ages of ten – would you – could you – make time to run? And not only run – train and complete a marathon in less than five hours? Sound possible? Hell Yeah! Because this is what my friend with such a life did in 2015 – and she was the one whom never surfaced before 11am at University and did not even know what a pair of funning shoes looked like!

And would you – if you were to meet up with three girlfriends you have not seen for 6 years in the International City of Romance, would you consider packing your running shoes and suggesting a Sunday morning run? Hell Yeah! Life is about shared experiences new and old. In doing our first ever run together – we have created a new memory to top the old ones and now are motivated to ensure we repeat this experience at least every five years in a different international location each time.

And was it fun? Hell Yeah! What better way to spot the sights and chat together? And what was the alternative? More calories in a restaurant we would more than likely immediately forget. This was the real thing – pounding along the banks of the Seine, past the Notre Dame and back home over the Pont Neuf.

Thanks to all three of my girlfriends who in this simple way, completed my Parisian reunion with them in such motivational style – inspiring me once again, on top of all the intellect, learning and chat we shared, to share the love of health and exercise with you, the reader, so you too can enjoy finding that bit extra within yourselves to live life to the full.

Try something new for yourself this 2016. Make an exercise goal – be audacious – discover its empowerment for yourself.

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