Will you take caffeine with that?

Will you take caffeine with that?

Will you take caffeine with that?

Last night I went to a very informative sports nutrition evening in which Liz Dene, nutritionist, exercise scientist and international fitness presenter took us through the bascis of sports nutrition.

Lots of takeaways but todays topic is caffeine! Mostly because, after a late night last night, I did not feel too crash hot this morning and decided to break my self imposed coffee ban and see what a coffee would do for my bike ride. Last night I learnt that caffeine is actually an A listed substance for athletes – and recommended by the AIS because it:

  • Blocks the action of a neurotransmitter causing fatigue
  • Leads to increased release of endorphins following exercise
  • Dulls the perception of pain
  • Increases fat loss by using fat as fuel rather than glycogen

I decided to ignore the fact that it sometimes causes gastric upset, headaches and, with the sugar and milk I put in it, somewhat offsets my desire to keep my weight down.

On the way to meet my cycle buddies I purchased and drank a skimmed latte. By the time I got to the meeting spot I felt light headed and giddy and promptly fled to the toilet as I pulled into the car park! My friend and I pedalled off and suddenly I felt the (other) effects. I felt like I was flying – we zoomed around our warm up, I left her stranded on the hill and did a PB time trial around the last flat lap. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry – I felt sick, my guts were in turmoil, my head hurt but my pedalling soared!

Moral of the story – don’t know really- it each to his own with coffee / caffeine. If you don’t get sore guts or if your body is more used to coffee (mine has not had one in 3 months) then you likely won’t feel quite so yuk as I did and can enjoy the positive benefits. If you are willing to ignore the dizziness or maybe purchase a better quality form of caffeine (I could have had an E-Shot+ from my nutrition supplier after all) then the positive effect might make your performance soar.

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  1. Middle Man says:

    Hi Liz,

    Wow! I wish coffee did that for me (apart from the toilet and tummy stuff). Sounds like the cheapest high available. Although I am fairly sure that an early morning bike ride would (unfortunately) make me feel much, much worse….

    So far your posts are managing to make me feel guilty about my lack of fitness but hope that one day they might inspire me to do something about it….(fabulous and in denial at fifty minus)!

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