Bouncing Back from the Easter Bunny

Easter Pig OutHands up who binged over Easter? Yep – most of us. I know I did – we went camping and somehow, nights around the fire with 5 other families always equals chocolate.

The first night it’s the milk chocolate purchased by Dad at the supermarket, the next is the carefully hidden bars of dark Lindt chocolate and the next – well that was Easter and all hell broke loose – chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, giant toblerone – the list is endless – I participated in all phases of course. And once you start eating chocolate – the taste buds are tingling for more.

If you, like me – over did it – and would prefer to get back your gym body and routine then know you are not alone – I’m straight back into clean eating and training. What about you? How do you STOP and bounce back from the Easter binge?


1. Start drinking a heap of water,  water is a natural diuretic and thus a great way to wash away those toxins and prevent fluid retention.

2. Try and substitute for your sweet tooth – fruit might be the perfect alternative – grab some to erase the memory of chocolate.

3. Peppermint tea is great for a bloated tummy so if you feel blahhhhh then try some peppermint tea – even just the smell is refreshing.

4. Do a workout, – anything that you are keen on. The day I got back home I went for a 90 minute walk along the coastal path – the wind and wave spray refreshed my mind and body helping to finalise Easter for me and formulate a new start.

5. Ask me for more information on clean eating and a nutritional cleansing program to help your health really get on the right track – in the future each binge won’t be so damaging or last as long – in fact, it won’t be a binge – just a treat for living such a healthy life.

Let this be a lapse but don’t let it turn into a collapse. If you find yourself saying things like ‘Oh well I’ve eaten crap all weekend I may as well keep going’ WRONG. Stop now, just stop because you are undoing all your hard work and all you are going to do is feel terrible about yourself.

Hope you had a great Easter with your family, follow the rules above and ditch the chocolate guilt. Let’s start April as we mean to live the rest of our lives – healthy, happy, fit and fabulous!

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