Drop a Dress Size in 30 Days – With Me, in February 2017

Drop a Dress Size in 30 Days

You think I am joking don’t you? Or trying to flog some hokey pokey diet that gives you quick results by starving you and then leaves you to stack on kilos in the following 30 days? Well I’m not and I wouldn’t. If you need to find a healthy, simple and convenient way to re-energise your body, lose a few kg, feel healthy and tone up then I can help. And I will be doing it too. Please read on – I won’t bore you but it will kick start 2017 and help you ensure it’s your healthiest and most energetic year yet.

Why Might You Need This?

  • You ate too much over Christmas and with the kids still on holiday have found it tricky to get back on track?
  • You have been feeling lethargic and unhappy with how you look for years and have decided to make 2017 the year you truly make a difference to your body?
  • You need a quick and convenient yet healthy way to stay on track during 2017 whilst you power from meeting to meeting or from school drop off to tennis to housework to school pick up
  • You intend to complete an amazing outdoor adventure (a triathlon perhaps?) in 2017 and know you need additional nutritional support

What Can You Do About It?

Starting on Monday 30th (the day my kids go back to school!) I will be doing my own 30 day programme to lose the 2.8kg I gained over the last 4 weeks (it may not sound much but it’s 5% of my ideal body weight), re-tone and re-energise after some very low quality food I have consumed during my recent holiday in Asia. Put simply I will be following this simple plan:

1. Replace my breakfast with a high quality, power, protein and superfood smoothie made from top quality clean ingredients and prepared within 1 minute.

2. Have a healthy, clean mid morning snack high in protein with no processed food.

3. Replace my lunch with another of the same smoothie as my breakfast but in a different flavour.

3. Have a healthy, clean mid afternoon snack high in protein with no processed food.

4. Prepare and consume a yummy evening meal with a large plate of up to 5 different veggy types and a 200g (ish) portion of meat, chicken or fish.

5. Quit alcohol for 30 days.

6. Ensure that 1 day in every week I abstain from most foods and allow my body to recuperate and cleanse itself using its own detox organs (liver and kidney) whilst supporting these organs with a tonic.

This is my BEFORE photo.

Before photo – aiming to lose weight, re-energise and tone up.

My goals are to drop 2.8kg to regain my target weight of 60kg, tone up and reduce my body fat % from 24% to a more athletic 19%. Your goals may be similar, or more ambitious. This programme works with everyone though some may have to repeat the above plan for up to 4 months (or more) to attain their goals.

I would like YOU to join me and we can do this programme together.

Why Consider This Progamme Now and With Me?

  • You will be joining a community of women who are all doing this too AT THE SAME TIME and we support each other
  • You will be using top quality products from a global provider of health and wellness solutions supported by extensive scientific research
  • I support you daily in several ways including targeted email support, messages from FB and text and a scheduled weekly call. There is also a Facebook support group of other 1000 people undertaking the same programme.
  • I am 50, actively undertake triathlons, have 2 primary aged school kids and KNOW exactly what its like to juggle business, exercise and kids needs. AND I am doing it with you so know at first hand what you are going through. PS I have done it before and use the products on an on-going basis so KNOW THEY WORK.

What Next?

Email me at lizstapleton@ironmumsat40plus.com letting me know of your interest. Please also let me know in your email when a suitable time to chat is. In 10-15 minutes we can cover your goals, answer your questions and get you started. NB Products take 2-3 business days to arrive so better get emailing me soon! You can start any time you like next week but the sooner the better!

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