Getting Over Holidays

We have just returned from our family winter break and are counting the costs, financial and otherwise of taking a break. Financially it was fine – the credit card is a little high currently – we can fix that. But what about the cost to our health of the free flowing amounts of chocolate, red wine and rich food?

You see, Giles and I love being fit and healthy but we still love food too. At home its easy to stick to our twice daily nutritious shakes and our healthy evening meals but on holiday? Particularly when for four days our package included all inclusive meals and drinks?

So, how did we go? We were certainly naughty – red wine with dinner, a couple of soft drinks in the afternoon, peanuts before dinner, 3 course lunches and dinners…… ooopps!

So we have come home to weigh oursleves on our brand new scales. Result – me – SAME WEIGHT as before I went but not looking quite so trim in the right places. And Giles – since we started our weightloss programme with him he has lost 6kg!!! Since we was not clever enough to weigh himself before he left we are not sure the damage done on holiday but still – 6kg lost in a month, pretty good hey?

And today we will cleanse to remove all the bad stuff from our bodies and try and trim up again. We will not eat all day but rather drink a warm herbal-like tea which actually supports our liver and kidnies in doing the detoxification. We will drink masses of water to help too. And we will feel fine – its not as hard as it sounds and afterwards you can feel fabulous about enjoying your holiday but not having done too much damage to your body.

It’s a win – win I think. Great holiday, great fix it, great feeling of still being fit and fabulous at forty plus despite falling off the wagon briefly and having some hoiday food fun.

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