It’s bliss in a ball

Bliss BallsIngredients

50g almonds

50g macadamias

125g pitted dates

25g cranberries

1 Tbsp cocoa powder

½ Tbsp coconut oil (or olive oil)

Nutritional Information

Assuming serves 12

115 calories/ball

1.2g protein/ball

1. Place almonds and macadamias in food processor or thermomix and grind.

2. Add the dates, cranberries, cocoa powder and oil and process until the mixture clumps together.

3. Roll mixture into balls and roll balls in desiccated coconut to coat (if desired).

There are lots of bliss ball variations – try this one and then start to get adventurous and add things. The secret is the dates which help to keep it all together and of course, the oil. But beware – not too much oil or they become far too runny.

Beware of one thing – these balls are often sold as protein balls despite only having nuts in them (not protein powder). Nuts do have protein in them but are far higher in fats and therefore calories, than people realise. Do not be mis-lead – these bliss balls are for energy NOT as a protein snack!

My family does not eat desiccated coconut so I do not coat them – they do look better if you do! Enjoy!!

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