Managing stress in our lives

baby sleepingToday, I have been thinking about STRESS. Why? Because I am quite a stress-head! No – really? Yes, really! I have been known to lie awake thinking about the next day in the office, or worrying about a conversation from the previous day that occurred at work – I have lost hours of sleep after being woken by a little lady with bad dreams, I have felt like tearing my hair out (literally) after asking my 8 year old for the 20th time to go and get his uniform on and in general, I take everything incredibly seriously and like to do my absolute BEST in everything – and these facets of my character, brings with them, STRESS.

Only recently I have thought more about the damage done to my body by STRESS – about the little free radicals racing around causing damage in the short and long term to my body AND to my relationships with those close to me. And only recently I have found a wonderful antidote to stress – my wonderful antioxidant and adaptogen TONIC.

Now, every morning I swig my 15ml of TONIC, smile sweetly at my kids (at least for a few minutes) and live an active life where my brain moves rapidly from one task to the next and I find myself getting through to the evening without exhibiting major symptoms of stress like I used to. Although, there are still minor wobbles after I have repeated myself over 10 times and the kids have still not brushed their teeth! No one can live stress free – but we can find something that decreases its negative impact on our bodies.

And every evening I have another 15ml of tonic, just before lights out and I sleep like a baby. Literally – I have never before experienced such deep and restful sleep. And, if I am woken by a kid in need, a situation that lead to excessive grinding of teeth and a very cranky morning Mum in days gone by, I smile serenely, even swap beds to accommodate the kid with nightmares and return to sleep generally within 30 mins – unheard of previously.

If you too are living with too much stress and are concerned about the impact on your body do let me know – I just might have the solution for you.


  1. What is this tonic made of?

  2. This stuff is amazing! It contains a rich blend of both anti-oxidants and adaptogens all sourced from botanical ingredients. Here is a full list of the active ingredients

    Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12
    Sorrel flower
    ionic tri-mineral complex (calcium, phosphorus, potassium)
    Siberian ginseng, Schisandra, Wolfberry
    Mucuna pruriens
    Rhododendron caucasicum.
    blueberry leaf, blueberry juice, bamboo, bacopa, ashwaganda, amla berry,
    ginger, hibiscus, kiwi fruit, watermelon fruit, shilajit, harada, maca, Rhodiola rosea,

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