Mid Morning Quiz – You’ll Be Amaze Balls at the Results

You have that mid morning ‘snack’ feeling. You know you should eat protein but the chocolate bar looks awfully tempting and the boiled egg looks – well, less appealing. You would eat the almonds in your desk drawer but cannot trust yourself because you know it will lead to you emptying the packet. What should you do?

A) Go out and grab a muffin instead

B) Succumb to the chocolate bar in the corridor kiosk

C) Resolutely chew on the boiled egg

D) Grab 10 almonds and throw the rest of the packet away

E) None of the above?

Yes, the answer is E – none of the above! Instead mix up a batch of these every weekend and take one to work each day to satisfy your mid morning chocolate/snack hunger feeling. They are high in protein (over 4g per ball which is amazing for such a little ball), high in chocolate taste (without the naughtiness of real chocolate) and EASY to make.

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