Needing a health reboot? Is Dry July the answer?

At this time of year you might be contemplating “Dry July”. You might think that 30 days of no alcohol (or even no chocolate) will make you healthy again. My big question is WHY DRY JULY? If you are doing it to get healthy – will these simple changes actually make you healthy again? How hard will it be to follow a diet where two of the food and beverage items used to overcome low energy, low self-esteem or bad cravings are simply removed with nothing new added in their place? And shouldn’t you be doing something that’s sustainable so you can affect your health over the longer term – not just look for a short term fix?

So what do I suggest instead? Well – rather than just remove these items – why don’t you try putting in some good STUFF instead? I suggest you try nutritional cleansing. It’s risk free with a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with your results or the products within the first 30 days. I’ll bet you never need to consider ‘Dry July’ again!

What Can You Expect From Nutritional Cleansing?

You can expect to feel amazing after completing a 30 day nutritional cleanse using the products I have been using for over 3 years!

I passionately believe that you deserve to feel fabulous every day, to wake up with a spring in your step and to look forward to a day of energy and achievement. I know that many of you do not feel like this so I implore you to find out more about this program. It does not hurt, does not cost any more than you currently spend and leaves you feeling the best you have in years.

I lost 4kg in my first 30 days, reduced my body fat by 8%, and now have a metabolic (or cellular age) 16 years below my actual age. At the same time I increased my energy levels giving me the confidence, strength and recovery to undertake an Ironman in 2016.

In summary the benefits of nutritional cleansing include:

Loss of weight, particularly visceral fat

Improved energy levels

Improved cellular and gut health

Emergence of radiant skin and vibrant hair 

Deeper sleep

Increased strength and endurance

What is Nutritional Cleansing?

Nutritional Cleansing, (cleaning of your cells), is undertaken in two main ways:

  1. Feed yourself the best nutrition possible to nourish and cleanse your body with clean macro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and adaptogens.
    When you start this program you will see your body transform. Your hair and skin become radiant and your energy returns. You are nourishing and cleaning your body simply by taking in the vital ingredients of life in the cleanest and purest form.

Actual text messages:

Day 2: “Not feeling too bad, the vanilla shake is pretty good!”

Day 4: “I’m not feeling hungry at all between meals and I have lost 1.4kg already which is very motivating.”

Day 5: “Day 5 completed and feeling great. I am amazed that I don’t feel hungry or have sugar cravings at 3pm.”

Day 7: “Survived my first cleanse day which wasn’t too bad!”

Day 10: “Never felt better and loving it.”

  1. You also rest your body one day a week allowing your natural cleaning organs; the liver and the kidney, to do their proper job. They sift through the rubbish in your body and remove waste products. These rest days are called ‘cleanse days’ – days on which you refrain from eating major amounts of food. Instead you support your liver and kidney with a cleanse tonic full of the supportive ingredients required by the organs to undertake their role efficiently. This tonic is not a laxative, you do not sit on the toilet all day – in fact you behave just like normal.

Why Do You Need Nutritional Cleansing?

The human body accumulates impurities and toxins. Our environments are polluted, our fruit and vegetables are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. There are chemicals in your cleaning products, shampoos and soaps and artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings in packaged foods. It is difficult to avoid impurities and toxins no matter if you buy organic or attempt to eat as ‘cleanly’ as possible.

Your body naturally has the ability to eliminate these impurities and toxins via your liver and kidneys. However you are now exposed to such levels of toxicity that your body is struggling to cope. There are now, globally, more food and environment related diseases than ever before. Your body is forced to store the excess toxins and impurities in fat cells. This stored waste reduces your energy levels and slows down your metabolism.  The result? Hard to eliminate accumulated toxic fat cells, feelings of sluggishness, low energy, dull hair and skin, concentration and sleep difficulties, and, in the longer term, the possibility of disease.

“In a year from now, you will wish you had started today”

And Who Produces These Nutritional Cleansing Products?

The company first started in the health and wellness space 15 years ago and has been researching the effects of nutritional cleansing for even longer. They are now delivering products to 15 countries worldwide. Their products are clinically proven to help clients achieve the benefits listed above. As a biochemist it was important to me that I found a company that believes in scientific research and shares the results openly.  With a team of over 50 scientists I think I have found a perfect company!

The products are clean and produced to the highest of standards. They are pure and are thoroughly tested by third parties to ensure they contain what they say they do. The ingredient list behind each product reads like a botanical journal because the company has scoured the globe to source the most effective botanicals and cleanest whey protein to ensure everything within the products are natural and not the result of a synthetic laboratory experiment.

The BEST EVIDENCE? Would I be feeling so good if the products are rubbish? Would my clients be willing to share their fabulous results?

Why Should You Consider Working With Me?

I work tirelessly with each of my clients to ensure they get the results they desire and deserve. I will support, motivate and educate you providing practical advice, tips and the accountability to ensure you achieve your desired health results. Have a look at what previous clients have said about the products and about my support.

“Losing weight and improving my health has always been a struggle for me. Thanks to Liz and her passion to be fit and healthy, I have been motivated to join the shake and supplement program. The convenience of the program makes it easy to stick to my weight loss goals. Thanks to Liz’s encouragement I have included exercise and am in the process of becoming fit and healthy. “ Renita Vink, Dural

“Liz’s greatest attribute is her unwaivering belief in people assisting them to achieve goals that they may not even think possible. Her knowledge of how to complement diet and exercise into daily life in a sustainable way has been invaluable”. Deanna Waters, Manly

“I’m a Mum of two young boys, I work and I have a part-time business of my own. I rarely found time to look after myself. A year ago I ate honey sandwiches for breakfast. lunch and sometimes even dinner and wondered why I felt terrible. I used to do triathlon before kids but I hated to look at my body in the mirror. The programme has given me far more structure & convenience. As a result my energy levels are much higher, I balance all the demands more effectively and my whole family feels happier” Jodie Palmer, Sydney

Contact me to get started straight away!


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