Making protein SIMPLE!

Getting sufficient protein into our bodies on a daily basis is VITAL for good health. We need quality proteins to build new quality cells on a daily basis. By ensuring we get sufficient protein into our daily diets we are safeguarding our body for a longer and more healthy life.  Additionally protein can keep you satiated helping you overcome cravings.

Do you have any idea how much protein you need to stay healthy? Do you know how factors like maintaining an active lifestyle,  getting older or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding affect this requirement? You will be surprised how HIGH your protein requirement is! For me – its 90g minimum per day…. what’s yours?

Do you know what can you eat to satisfy your daily requirement for protein? Once you have established your daily protein requirement do you know how you can healthily MEET this requirement? Should you, for example, eat 2 rib eye steaks per day? Do you simply convert the weight of a piece of meat to g of protein ingested? If you eat a 150g portion of chicken – have you consumed 150g of protein?

I am afraid its not quite that simple. 150g of chicken for example, is around 45g of protein. A 1/4 cup of yoghurt is only 7g of protein. And you have to be careful meeting your protein requirements just be increasing the amount of meat and fish you eat. None of the recognised sources of traditional protein translate into gram of protein on a one on one basis. And, ingesting those two steaks per day will actually ADD a rather high load of fat to the body which clearly isn’t a great idea for a healthy body.

What are some simple steps to get your protein intake just about right?

If this is all sounding very complex don’t just put it into the ‘too-hard’ basket. This shunning of the truth will cost you dearly.

  1. Look at my simple charts to help you figure out your own requirement AND calculate roughly what you are currently taking in.
  2. Once you know your protein deficit go about filling it using some nutritious breakfast recipe ideas or making simple protein balls for a mid morning snack.
  3. Better still – if you need to increase your intake whilst minimising additional calories and you need to do it in a convenient way then research protein smoothies. This is my fail safe approach to ensuring I eat sufficient protein per day. Every morning without fail, I mix myself a protein smoothie and know that I have had nearly 25g of delicious whey protein to start my day. (Sign up for 10 delicious protein smoothie winning recipes.)

Being healthy doesn’t need to be hard – knowing the basic science behind the key nutrients in life and then changing your diet slightly will result in you living a healthier and more productive life.





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