5 Breakfast Blunders & How to Fix Them


We are always being told that breakfast is the most critical meal of the day. Yet in multiple surveys we find that many people ‘skip’ breakfast or postpone it until well after they have reached the office when it is effectively more like a mid morning snack. In this article we investigate why breakfast is so important to kickstart our day and understand what the experts suggest we should be eating for breakfast.

These are the common issues around eating breakfast.

  1. Breakfast is skipped.
  2. Breakfast does not actually take place until about 10.30am. This is not breakfast, this is a mid morning snack!
  3. Breakfast consists of mainly empty carbohydrates. For example – who reading this article resorts to a slice of toast, a bowl of cornflakes (even with milk) or a croissant? These are not great breakfast options – they do not satiate you, they do not provide your body with great macro nutrients allowing it to build good strong cells, they do not provide energy. People that start the day like this are more likely to crave sugary food stuffs mid morning.
  4. Breakfast MAY be a feature of the day but may contain too many calories alongside all the good stuff. Eggs, avocado, spinach or mushrooms are all good options for the start to your day. The downside is though that these options are usually accompanied by 2 thick rounds of white sour dough bread making this quite a high calorie start to the day. If this is you – well done on some great food choices but try to remove the empty white carbs. Increase the amount of protein (eggs) and vegetables then you will not notice the lack of stodgy bread.
  5. There is another emerging category of breakfast eaters who blend themselves up a super smoothie. This can be a great option – with one caveat – the smoothie needs PROTEIN in it not just fruits, chia, spinach and other super ingredients. Of course, the smoothie is likely mixed with milk of differing varieties (almond, cow, soy) or yoghurt. But have a look at the amount of protein you are getting from this milk or yoghurt and also add up the calories. I’ll bet you find the calories high and the protein relatively low. If this category sounds like you then have a look at my 10 Spectacular Smoothie Winners for some yummy, lower calorie, higher protein options.

So what does the body really need for breakfast and why?

You need a good quality source of protein for your breakfast accompanied by some wonderful super foods that give your body a nutrient dense start to the day preventing cravings, fatigue and brain fog coming at you later in the day. The amount of protein consumed should be the equivalent of roughly one third of your daily protein requirements. The way to calculate this requirement is to take your ideal body weight in kg and convert this directly to g. If you are an active person exercising hard and frequently you will need to multiply this by a factor of 1.5 to 2.0.

Let’s investigate why.

Your body is very active right from the minute you wake up. It’s trying to make thousands of new cells for which it needs a good supply of macronutrients including protein or more specifically – a supply of the essential amino acids that the body cannot make itself and therefore needs from its food. If it does not get these from food it’s likely to steal from other internal sources and leave the body exhausted and depleted. So asking your body to miss out on this as you rush to the office, can result in fatigue soon after you have left the house on an empty tummy. Responding to these feelings of fatigue by purchasing a strong flat white and a slab of turkish toast as you rush from the bus stop does not help the body and adds empty calories that cannot sustain your body. Even if you have fed yourself all the other options listed above then, without the protein to build new cells and satiate the body till mid morning, you are still likely to feel listless, tired and dive for the nearest coffee machine.

So what can you do?

Ensure you have a good quality source of protein for your breakfast. Add up how many grams of protein you are eating from sources like eggs (6g each), milk (8g per cup) and oats (16g per cup). If your protein intake is not close to ONE THIRD of your ideal weight (in g) then you are still not giving your body enough to feel as healthy as it possibly can and build the kind of cells our fabulous body requires. End result – low energy levels, cravings for non ideal foods and in the end, weight gain.

And what is the quickest and most convenient way to kickstart my day?

The simplest and most convenient way to ensure you eat sufficient protein in your breakfast BEFORE you rush out of the house is to use a whey protein powder to boost your smoothie. Or better still – a whey protein smoothie meal replacement with all the macronutrients included. That way you will never have the excuse of ‘NO TIME FOR BREKKIE’. You will always have the right nutrients on board at the right time and these will be delivered quickly and efficiently to the parts of your body that need them most in a controlled calorie fashion.

RESULT = an energetic, happy body, strong cells and an ability to resist cravings for naughty things 99% of the time (the other 1% is allowed of course – everyone is allowed an infrequent treat).

PS: Some of you may well be asking why WHEY protein? Because its a complete source of protein (contains all the essential amino acids the body cannot make) and its rapidly absorbable by the body getting to the places its required in the body very quickly and because it can be quite yummy in the right smoothie mix.

PPS I have a FREE protein worksheet and calculator that you can have if this subject has tweaked your interest? Book yourself a FREE consult so we can run you through it and see how well you kickstart your day!

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