Mastering Your Christmas Waistline

Are you dreading looking in the mirror on January 2nd and hating what you see? The average weight gain is 2-3kg over the festive period and this never leaves us feeling merry when we start 2017. But does it have to be this way? Perhaps there are things you can do NOW to prevent the downside of the inevitable mince pies, Christmas pudding and red wine. Perhaps you can actually lose weight over Christmas or at least maintain where you are currently at?

Why You Don’t Want to Start 2017 Carrying 2-3kg Excess Baggage

Over the age of 40 it is increasingly hard to drop those pesky additional waistline kilos that creep up over the holidays.  And I’m sure you would like to look good in your new Christmas dress or in your bikini on the January holiday? You would like 2017 to be YOUR year – the year you emerge from the shadows of being super Mum / super busy and find time and goals for yourself. Let’s look at 7 things you can do to ensure you master your Christmas waistline and start 2017 fit and energetic.

Seven Steps to Master Your Waistline

  1. Nominate your TREAT sessions for each week. That’s one party, dinner date or Christmas treat per week (well maybe 2 in Christmas week). Use this treat day to party hard, enjoy yourself, don’t be concerned with weight or alcohol intake – just enjoy. A TREAT day makes the other 6 days in the week, when you need to be more careful, seem bearable. And chances are, it will not affect the waistline too badly.
  2. Outline 3-4 occasions per week when you can do some simple exercise. Even if you are not already doing this then that is not an excuse not to start now!! In fact, it’s the opposite. Start now as you mean 2017 to progress. There are some good ideas how to do this in my articles Inspired to Get Outside and HIIT’s So Easy – Start With Walking. If you do not know where to start then Fit and Fabulous at 40 Plus is offering an exercise plan to get you feeling vigorous for the start of the new school year.
  3. Start an eating plan today – and try it as your fall back option for every day that is NOT a TREAT day. I am not a great believer in REALLY STRICT diet regimes anyway because you are unlikely to stick to them. A mixture of good days and naughty days will still result in a healthier-you come January. Start using good nutrition NOW and this will carry on into 2017. Ironically, this may actually mean you are more able to resist excessive temptations even in party situations. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that a well-nourished body exhibits fewer cravings than a poorly nourished one and can build better quality cells and muscle which in turn help to keep weight off. Fit and Fabulous at 40 Plus has the perfect combination of support, nutritious shakes and supplements to help you manage your non treat days perfectly – take a look at the “Master Your Christmas Waistline” Offer!
  4. Ensure that the dominant food group on your plate at all times is protein. Reduce goodies such as roast potatoes, turkey stuffing, cake and pavlova. Have an extra slice of pork, ham or turkey or an extra few prawns rather than the extra roast potato. Protein is still the number one most important food on your plate. It satiates you (preventing cravings), is required to build strong cells, helps you retain a higher metabolism and has a lower ratio of associated calories with it than fat or carbohydrates.
  5. Drink more water every day particularly if you had a few glasses of wine the previous night. Put a jug of water on the table with every meal and space out your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water between. The water will flush through some of the toxins from your previous night as well as rehydrating you and making you feel fresher and more energetic for the day ahead. And I bet you did not know that drinking sufficient water makes you feel fuller and help you manage cravings more successfully? (Read Mastering the Art of Drinking Sufficient Water Everyday for creative ideas to make water more interesting)
  1. Refrain from letting the “New Year Gym Frenzy” guilt you into joining a gym. You won’t last more than a few months according to market evidence suggesting that 80% of gym memberships sold at New Year last only a few months. Instead, seek out a coach that suits your temperament, and values and is willing to support your own unique goal and situation with personalized sessions and an accountability structure.
  2. Make an exercise goal for 2017. Think how motivational it will be to focus on a goal for yourself in 2017 whilst trying to resist an extra portion of trifle. And how exciting it will be to share an extraordinary personal goal with your friends that involves doing something positive for yourself – and not just “lose weight’ like 90% of other people come the end of January.

You will know you have mastered your waistline when your Facebook posts of your bikini body on Christmas day receive comments of admiration, when your clothes still all fit perfectly in the New Year and when your new coach compliments you on your ability to jog the park run in under 35 minutes in the first week of February!

If some of these ideas resonate with you and result in you looking for a new exercise goal for 2017 then why don’t you register for our FREE webinar in early December where we explore what it takes to ‘Claw back the years with a triathlon’. And if you are looking for convenient full meal smoothies to boost your day between parties then download our EBook Top Ten Spectacular Smoothies. Or why don’t you grab one of our FESTIVE OFFERS today to help you with your waistline and your fitness over the Christmas period.

Liz is a personal lifestyle transformation and sports coach specialising in helping Mum’s re-define themselves. She has an Oxford degree in Biochemistry, 20+ years business consulting, and has completed hundreds of triathlons, ocean swims, running races as well as representing Great Britain.. In 2016, Liz became an IronMum by transforming her food, attitudes and body to complete the toughest endurance triathlon. She is passionate about helping Mums achieve their personal goals.

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