6 Tips to Kick Start Your Triathlon Training

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Ever wondered what’s involved in a triathlon? Have you thought about doing one and then been put off by the thought of early morning training, lycra and expense? These 6 tips simplify your training balance, your gear choices and your nutrition to ensure you have FUN completing your first triathlon or improving your next!

Fiona Blakely
Noosa Olympic Distance, November 2016
18 months ago I had a DIY bike with a basket, could barely run for the bus and thought swimming meant floating up to the pool bar for a g&t.  Four months from now I will stand on the starting line of  a full Olympic distance Triathlon in iconic Noosa.  How did I get here?  I was inspired, motivated and coached by my good friend Liz Stapleton to push myself out of my comfort zone and take on goals that I never thought possible.  The benefits have been enormous, not only in a physical sense but also mentally as I began investing time in myself after 10 years of focusing predominantly on my small children.   Since then I have completed 3 smaller Triathlons, left my enjoyable but safe job and am following a long held dream to run my own business.  Who knows where I will be in another 18 months? Thanks Liz.

If you want to know more about how a coaching plan with Liz works then read more here or call Liz to chat about your plans, your concerns and your experience.