Anything is Possible! Best get some good nutrition onboard though!

Our scientifically proven nutritional products have helped hundreds of people achieve their sporting goals. Amongst these people there are Olympians, past and present; people who have or are representing their country in a sport and several who hold World Records for their chosen discipline.

But it’s not these people that interest me here at FitandFabuloustat40Plus – it’s you and me! Normal people who, with the help of fabulous nutrition, achieve extraordinary things.

I know I would not have even contemplated undertaking an Ironman event without the life-changing inclusion of these products in my diet two years ago, taking me from exhausted Mother to IronMum! Utilising these products in my diet over the last two years and particularly during the 6 months of grueling training leading up to the event, meant that my energy levels stayed high, I never missed a session due to ill-health, I recovered quickly between sessions and my body was fueled ready to go on each and every training session.

I love getting feedback from other people who have had similar life changing experiences. In particular, my friend Fiona B. who has also been using the products for 2 years and has worked with me to help her achieve her sporting ambitions has this to say:

“18 months ago I had a DIY bike with a basket, could barely run for the bus and thought swimming meant floating up to the pool bar for a g&t.  Four months from now I will stand on the starting line of  a full Olympic distance Triathlon in iconic Noosa.  How did I get there?  I was inspired, motivated and coached by my good friend Liz Stapleton to push myself out of my comfort zone and take on goals that I never thought possible.  The benefits have been enormous, not only in a physical sense but also mentally as I began investing time in myself after 10yrs of focusing predominantly on my small children.   Since then I have completed 3 smaller Triathlons, left my enjoyable but safe job and am following a long held dream to run my own business.  Who knows where I will be in another 18 months?  Thanks Liz.”

If you are interested to see feedback from other people using the products, and the support of FitandFabulousAt40Plus, then select an image below to read a testimonial.

I am passionate about helping others to discover their inner fabulousness and undertaking something that they never previously thought possible. Since I am a somewhat sporty chick I love to encourage people to dream about a sport that they never would previously have thought possible for them to undertake, let alone achieve. We need to work together for at least 4 months to enable you to go from where you are now (exhausted, time poor, lacking energy to get up from the sofa let alone go out to exercise and probably not happy about looking in the mirror) to achieve a sporting goal with energy to spare. Your sporting goal is unique to you – it could be:

  • Join a walking group and walk briskly five mornings a week
  • Select a local fun run and complete it
  • Join a local hockey team and play every week
  • Regularly join a local park run
  • Compete in your first triathlon

If you would like my help to:

  • Select a goal
  • Set a plan to get there
  • Improve your nutrition to shed some kilos and renew your energy
  • Provide support and motivation to get there
  • Calm your nerves before your BIG DAY!

then please get in contact with me at lizstapleton@fitandfabulousat40plus or fill in the form below. You could join us in our Being Fab 4 Tri – a 16 week programme to triathlon success which starts on July 8 2016 if triathlon is something you have always been interested in. Whatever your situation or goal – and even if you do not have a goal because you simply do not believe that “Anything is Possible”, then go ahead – ask me, or someone else to help – Do Something Extraordinary Today!

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