Being 40 Plus

I have lived with this fact for 9 years! Which fact? Being 40 of course! In fact I am in my 50th year and I feel as fabulous now as I did 20 years ago. But not everyone feels this way at my age. This post aims to investigate why and point out why us ’40 plus people’ should actually be having the time of our lives!

After 40 many men and women find it hard to feel fabulous. Their energy levels decrease and their sleep patterns change. They find it harder to exercise and even harder to keep the weight off. Women face the often challenging time of menopause, men are increasingly busy at work and find the burden of keeping fit whilst fulfilling their family duties increasingly taxing.

Yet being forty plus should be one of the most rewarding periods of our lives – we have increasing amounts of disposable income, our kids are growing up and becoming more independent and we are still capable of performing to a high standard.
In this blog I am to inspire and educate the over 40s to look at how they live their lives, and what they eat and drink in an attempt to point out that we do not have to feel crap, lethargic, sleep badly and get cranky with our kids. I do this with my unique and passionate style – I was an over achieving Oxford Biochemistry graduate who let herself slip from a world championship triathlete to frazzled coach potato Mum of two kids.

Two years ago I reformed myself based on clean eating and fabulous nutritional products to becomeFabulous-over-40 energetic Mum and Iron Mummy. I want to enable people LIKE YOU to achieve better health and performance in all aspects of your life.

Whether you are a busy Mum, housewife, builder or financial analyst; whether you are a couch potato, gym junkie or tri-hard athlete FOLLOW this blog to receive regular doses of inspiration, education and nourishment enabling you to achieve your fit and fabulous self.

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