Kids back at school? Carpe Diem! Do something that INSPIRES you & GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE

Carpe Diem – or to us mere mortals – Seize the Day! What does this mean to you TODAY? How are you embracing this idea into your daily life?

I think it’s particularly poignant to consider this concept this week. Many Mums returned, or will return later this week, our little darlings to school after their longest vacation of the year (8 weeks in my case).

(And forgive me – I am making an assumption that the majority of readers are female and Mums – if neither apply to you read on anyway because ‘seizing the day’ applies to all of us.)

Today as I dropped my two off at the school gate I got that funny empty feeling. You know the one that balances relief and anticipation with emptiness.

On the one hand you have been looking forward to this day for the last 8 weeks. Remember the raging sibling arguments? Or the little dears innocently asking you for the 6th day in the row “What are we doing today Mummy?” You have been desperately carving out a few minutes here and there for yourself for 8 weeks – now you feel relief that you no longer have to furtively sneak to the computer when they are in the pool.

There is also a sense of anticipation – anticipation that something special is going to happen. You have been planning your own time for weeks – now it’s here what are you going to do with it?

But on the other hand you have been with your gorgeous kids for 8 weeks nearly 24/7 and now that they have gone there is a bit of a hole in your life isn’t there? Perhaps the house is too quiet and the day (albeit only 6 hours till they return) is stretching out ahead of you without too many plans?

So – what are you going to do about this emptiness? This feeling of anticipation? It’s 2017, your kids are back at school, surely there should be something amazing about to happen?

Here are some ways that many of us will spend the day:

  1. Rush around to tidy and clean the house and wait for a better idea to occur
  2. Dash to work like normal whilst watching the clock so you leave on time to pick them up from school/after school care/the nanny…
  3. Call friends for a coffee catch-up to fill the time
  4. Dive into 600 unread emails and by the time you resurface it’ll be time to collect the kids again

Whilst I know some or all of the above may apply/have to apply because you are so far behind after the 8 weeks of summer school holidays let me suggest that it’s also time to STOP, TAKE A BREATHE and CONSIDER your options. Look for something that really motivates and inspires you.

WHY? Because:

  1. It’s 2017 and you are one year older than this time last year. The years are passing quickly and you cannot control this. Better embrace it instead.
  2. Doing the routine things are necessary evils but they are NOT inspiring, they do not bring a spring to your step and no ever remembers to thank you for doing them.
  3. All the routine things will wait. You can clean the house, have coffee with your friends and answer your emails any time.
  4. In 300 days, when the next summer school holidays start, wouldn’t you like to look back on what YOU achieved during the 2017 school year?

So I want to suggest to you that, before you dive into the 101 tasks that have awaited you for 8 weeks, try to work out how YOU are going to Seize The Day and do something special for yourself. How are you going to make 2017 a different year for YOU? One that you will remember, your kids will be proud of and that will make a difference to the rest of your life.

Here are some suggestions – what else do you think should be on this list?

  1. Make a resolution to go out and walk along the coast (or around the local park) every day after you drop the kids off.
  2. Sign up to a local yoga class twice a week.
  3. Stop answering work emails. Instead get on the phone and make 3 new sales calls every day for a week. Build your business for yourself – don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.
  4. Make 2017 the year you get healthy, really healthy. Overhaul your diet to ensure you drop the kilos, release more energy and look and feel radiant every day. (Some suggestions for this include – reduce sugar in your diet dramatically, reduce the amount of processed foods you purchase and consume, leave the glass of wine for the weekend only, increase the amount of water you drink. For a more thorough approach have a look at our article
  5. Choose a big hairy audacious exercise goal that is currently outside your comfort zone, recruit a coach and get started on your new training plan. Our article gives us some concrete examples of women who have done just this.

Go on – Carpe Diem!

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