Drop a dress size or complete your first triathlon – women show that anything is possible.

The more I work women over 40 the more I find stories of inspirational women who sum up the values which made me start Ironmums at 40 Plus. I like to share these stories in the hope that they empower you and provide you with the knowledge, confidence and drive to realise and maximise your life journey.

I have created a safe and supportive environment where you can try something new and amazing. Where you can be vulnerable. And where you can gain strength to realise your personal finish line. Whether your goal is to drop a dress size or complete your first triathlon we have powerful coaching, online training and nutrition programs to inspire, support and motivate your journey.

Today I found the story of Erica King. At 38, after years of depression and being overweight, Erica King decided to change her life forever. She began to run. Here is her inspirational story on how she overcame her challenges and how running became her life against all the odds. It’s an 8 minute video and worth every minute –you will be amazed at what she achieves as her story unfolds.

The Erica King Story – Why I Run

My hope for every Mum, woman over 40, busy housewife or time poor professional is that they rediscover themselves. Erica King became SOMEONE again by starting to run after losing herself in poor health and depression. She is happy and fulfilled – and looks fabulous! We all want to feel happy and fulfilled don’t we? It may not take running a marathon to achieve this for everyone but I believe in sport as a way to motivate ourselves and put ourselves and our health, number one. I found my mojo again after I signed up for a charity bike ride from the pits of exhaustion and low self-esteem. I have gone on to win triathlons and complete an Ironman event. My health has never been better and I am a better, more patient and happier Mum to my two kids as a result.

Please reach out and speak to someone you trust to see how you too can start your journey. And if my story or my blogs have inspired you then perhaps you can also speak to me. Feel free to call and chat about what’s bothering you – health, energy, weight or lack of direction – I’m sure we can help you find the answer.

On December 7th 2016 we are holding a webinar designed to introduce a novice to the sport of triathlon. We cover the basic topics and its a fabulous way to learn more about this life changing sport. There are more details here – and it’s free to sign up!

Liz is a personal lifestyle transformation, nutritional and sports coach specialising in helping Mum’s re-discover themselves. She has an Oxford degree in Biochemistry, 20+ years business consulting, hundreds of triathlons, ocean swims, running races and has represented Great Britain. In 2016, Liz became an IronMum using her experience to transform her food, attitudes and body to complete the toughest endurance triathlon.

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