What Are you Doing for You in 2016?


January is almost over, some of your New Year’s Resolutions will already be old news and very soon the kids go back to school.

So what about you? How are you going to spend 2016? What are you going to do for you?

And if you regret the lack or the failure already, to make or to complete your New Year’s Resolutions – STOP! Shit happens! It’s hard to manage the kids, give them the best holiday AND look after yourself. (PS 25% of people have already chucked in their New Year REsolutions by January 7th so you are not alone!)

Many people’s resolutions focus around health and exercise. We have all enjoyed the December luxuries, we all find it tricky to avoid additional calories on holiday and, whilst the kids are still at home, well – routine, food and existing exercise plans, go out of the window.

It’s never too late though – how can it be too late to focus on yourself and your own health? If we don’t then who will? I’ve been working in health and wellness for two years now and have helped over 50 people discover a better way to eat and exercise and find themselves. I’m also been actively involved in fitness for nearly every one of my nearly 50 years! I run (despite dodgey knees), I cycle, I swim, I go to the gym and I LOVE motivating women, at any level, to find some interest in exercise and getting healthy. I work with a particular health and wellness nutrition system which has world wide proven results with thousands of existing customers finding better health, slimmer waists, improved muscle tone and youthful aging by using the programme. I lost a stubborn 5kg two years ago when I started the programme and rediscovered an energy and vitality for life and exercise which was wilting away as a forty plus mother of two. My interest in food as the MAIN driver of health has motivated me to want to share the original programme and my own additional recipe ideas to help you re-discover your health and goals.

I’m excited to offer all this experience and knowledge to YOU in the ‘BACK to YOU’ programme starting in February 2016 (just as the kids go back to school). For the exact specifics of what you get for only $389 please read below. I want to work with YOU – but to ensure I can help you 100%, I need to limit this programme in February to the first ten people. So contact me as soon as possible and bring your friends too – it’s easier to discover health when you do it with a friend!

What You Get

  • Introductory one on one consultation (approx. 45 minutes) to discuss the programme, current exercise ability, interests and health goals
  • 30 days of high quality nutrition including 56 superfood smoothies, snacks, supplements to boost metabolism and gut health plus tonics for energy & stress management and detoxification – all delivered to your door
  • 10 whole food delicious snack ideas
  • 10 meal plan ideas for fully nutritious whole food meals loaded with vitamins and minerals, protein and only 400-600 calories
  • Access to a private group facebook support group with daily contributions of advice, motivation, coaching and support
  • Weekly one on one coaching calls with me
  • Weekly exercise goals and ‘Spoil Yourself’ challenge tailored to your level of fitness, health, age and capability
  • FREE Tanita body scan at the start and end of the challenge (only for those located close to Sydney)

And all the above comes with a 30 day money back guarantee – nothing to lose but everything to gain – make 2016 the year for YOU.

What Do I Do If This Sounds Interesting?

Just contact me for a chat! No strings attached – just a chance for you to ask questions and establish that it’s for you. In 30-45 minutes on the phone we can understand where you are at and what’s missing from your life and how this programme can help kickstart your health, fitness and self focus. Message this blog page or email me and we can arrange a mutual time. I KNOW the kids are still home but we can do it after they have gone to bed if necessary – just to get you ready, with your starter pack, for our start date on February 8th.

I really look forward to working with you and helping you make 2016 the year for you. Chat soon.



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