What Have We Gone and Done Now?

Not WHY but HOW

Not WHY but HOW

Yesterday Giles Signed up for a half iron man in 4 months time. Today he is in bed at 7pm with a headache. We weighed him this morning – he is 111kg, we think he has about 11kg to lose to even have a chance of finishing the race – 2km swim, 90km bike ride and 21km run. He is fit – at least for cycling. We recently both completed a charity bike ride of 600km over 4 days. But he has not swum for 12 months and has not run for twice that period of time.

A tall order you think? I agree. So does he – hence the headache!

So what on earth made him do it you ask?

Mateship – his two mates from last weekend’s camping trip have also signed up.

Pride – we both want our kids to be proud of what we continue to achieve.

Bloody Mindedness – I said I will so I will.

Health Test – We are nearing 50, we are forever stretching the waistband of our pants – we are 3 months into taking and selling some of the best nutritional products in the Australian market – will they work? Will they get him over the line?

This is the story of his progress towards his sporting goal. This is also the story of the rise of our nutritional products business. This will also be the depository for the learning I undertake as part of our quest to be as healthy as we can be at the age of 40+ with two kids still under the age of 10 and both of us still keen to excel in the cycling, running and swimming sporting arena.

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