Why Cycle? Why Bother?

To answer this question simply I have resorted, not to my words, but to the words of one of the largest cycling authorities globally and publisher for zillions of books on cycling – www.bicycling.com

Cycling is empowering. Pedaling down a rural road or through a city park rouses your spirit and awakens your senses. And it’s hard to hate your thighs as you gleefully pull into the driveway after conquering a challenging ride. As if that weren’t enough, cycling is as gentle on your body as an activity can be. There’s a saying in sports medicine circles: Even if you can’t run, walk, or hobble, you can ride a bike. Because cycling isn’t a weight-bearing exercise, it’s super easy on your joints — even the achy ones. So it can be a wonderful, pain-free way to get exercise and lose weight. In fact, you can burn about 500 calories on an hour-long ride!



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