Liz’s Story

This could be your story as well as my story

I am a 50 year old Mum. I cycle, swim or run nearly every day and I am passionate about nutrition and health for me and my family. I believe that anything is possible with the right self-belief and support. In 2016 I became an Iron Mum.

Just three years ago I was exhausted, chubby and didn’t like going out much. This is my story. It can be yours.


I am a personal lifestyle transformation coach specialising in helping YOU cross your personal finish line. Goal setting, nutrition, focus and accountability are the foundations supporting you to finish your first triathlon or smash your own personal results in an outdoor fitness challenge. I am a Cycling Australia accredited cycling coach and have helped many women gain confidence on their bikes as well as improve their performance. (I offer small group Bike Skills & Confidence Sessions to help women in this situation) I coach triathletes at all levels and I work with women in areas of health and nutrition, mainly around weightloss.

Sporting Experience

I have completed hundreds of triathlons, ocean swims and running races and have represented Great Britain twice as an age group triathlete. I have been coaching athletes since my University days where I was President of the University Athletics Club.

Personal Health Journey

My three year journey from an exhausted Mother to an Iron Mum is the main motivation behind Iron Mums at 40 Plus. I transformed my food, attitudes and body to complete the toughest endurance triathlon. I want YOU to experience the joys of being fit, healthy and loving life by starting your own personal journey to a sporting success – small or large, iron man or sprint, 5km or triathlon. Contact me to start your journey today


I have helped hundreds of men and women achieve a personal transformation. I am passionate about using simple healthy food and fitness habits to recharge the energy, health and fitness of men and women across Australia. I want you, no matter what size, shape or experience, believe in yourself and succeed in outdoor fitness challenges. Let me help you rediscover yourself – start the journey today by contacting me by phone or using the form below.

I am not a gym junkie, neither am I a professional athlete. I am a busy 50 year old Mum with osteoarthritis in my knees. I like goals and like to use nature’s facilities – the great outdoors. I won’t give you a plan with push ups or burpees. But I’ll give you a plan that fits around your needs and gets you to your goal with no added costly extras.

Although my nutritional guidelines are based on my Biochemistry background, my principles are SIMPLE, CONVENIENT and HEALTHY. I am not ANYTHING special – not Paleo, not Atkins, not Raw. If it’s not made quickly, easily and does not support a healthy lifestyle, it’s not worth making or eating.

If you want to find out more then call for a quick chat. I’m always available to chat between 9am and 3pm when the kids are at school!

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