From here to – Executive within a year!!!

I recently rank advanced in my new business – from consultant to manager and I was asked to explain my ‘reason why’ I do this business and ‘how’ I did it.

Here goes!

I am a keen sports person and regularly cycle distances of 100km plus. Before I discovered these great nutritional products I used to suffer from headaches post exercise and from a general feeling of exhaustion for hours after – this is not much use when you have 2 kids under 10 demanding your attention as soon as you remove the lycra. With these products my cycling distances and times have improved, my headaches have disappeared and my energy post ride returns quicker and more abundantly.

I am also mid forties (closer to 50 than 40!). Before I supplied my body with better nutrition I carried chunky thighs and lacked muscle definition in all the other important bits. I figured it was simply age related and would never go away. After all I ate well – correct? Wrong! After I started the programme I lost 4kg and now look leaner and people have noticed! Yeah!

My other main reason WHY is that I have found an avenue in which I can use my drive and determination to build a business which FITS IN WITH MY MAIN ROLE AS A FULL TIME MUMMY! This is key – I have tons of business qualifications, undergraduate degrees and years of corporate experience but what use is that when you have 2 kids under 10 which need you constantly and prevent you from taking a job in the city (not that I wanted one anyway – far rather work from my cosy home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches!)

So those are the reasons WHY! And HOW? Well it took me 3 months – 4 from the time I started the products but 3 from when I first blurted out to friends that I had found some great new nutritional products. I am still not a natural ‘sharer’, I don’t go out of my way to stick like glue to new people at a party but I do find it easier than I thought to chat to people about what they eat, how they feel and have they ever thought about doing it differently? I am also blown away by the amount of support out there for me – from my enrolling sponsor down to people just above me in the business. I like the ‘in-home’ format – very casual and moves the emphasis from me making individual appointments to me just inviting them to a social gathering in my home. I have personally enrolled quite a few but I take as much enjoyment from working with my enrolled to help them make money too.

Me as a newly minted Manager!

Me as a newly minted Manager!

So – its onwards and upwards from here – Executive here I come!!!! Follow me in my journey there by following this blog and liking my facebook page of the same name. Thanks XXX

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