How are we going to help Giles lose 11kg?

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How are we going to help him lose 11kg in 4 months? Let’s paint a BEFORE picture:

  • He likes to drink – alcohol, not water
  • He likes to party – till late
  • He loves chocolate
  • He is 6 foot 5 and consequently needs a lot to keep him going
  • His favourite meal is Sunday ROAST with all the trimmings
  • He has so far steadfastly refused to ‘’çleanse’’ for a day – i.e. go without food
  • Somehow over the last 3 months he already looks a bit slimmer in the face and a bit around the tummy – but he has not lost any weight.

He is not really FAT though – look at his photo BUT all the measurements you make suggest that even a 6 foot 5 inch guy should not weight 111kg.

And, if he doesn’t lose weight then we think he will injure himself during the run training and break down before the half iron man even takes place.

So, we are eagerly awaiting the delivery of our June box of nutritional goodies. In it I have ordered

  • sufficient cleanse powder for both of us to do 4 days each this month of no food but taking a wonderfully supportive nutritional tonic
  • Some extra ‘’treats’’ to support us on these cleanse days – they taste and look like chocolate but aren’t nearly so bad – in fact, stuffed full of goodies to beat the hunger

I have also ordered a grocery store of celery and almonds – apparently, taken in small quantities these foods do not detract from the day of cleansing. Lucky I like celery – Giles doesn’t!

I’ll keep you posted during this month – we will do the cleanse days together and take our measurements every week to let you all see the progress. How exciting – um, what pressure!

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