I use nutritional cleansing to look and feel good. Am I practising ‘Clean Eating’?

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As the popularity of the nutritional cleansing program I use increases in popularity across the globe, and particularly here in Australia, the number of critics of the programme increases, or at least they become more vocal.

Just about everyone now has some food fad they are ‘practising’. A client of mine told me a few weeks ago that perhaps she would not want to use the full meal super smoothie shakes that are at the front and centre of our system because she is going to start “clean eating”.

Well, I thought to myself – I am pretty sure I eat CLEAN too – but what the hell is “clean eating”?

This is what I found (using my trusty Google pal) and here is how what I do is no different to “Clean Eating”principles. I just think we make it simpler, more convenient, less costly and with less of a fuss. AND I also think that although all the principles below are sound then they are not taking into account one big problem in today’s world. Our food is simply not as nutritious as it once was – so if you are just going to rely on what you can purchase locally then you are very likely to be nutrient deficient despite your best efforts. Anyway – read on…..

Definition of Clean Eating (according to a very knowledgeable site found near the top of Google): The soul of clean eating is consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation, leading to an improved life – one meal at a time.
## Well tick – I agree with this – diets do not work, good healthy eating as a lifestyle WORKS

Eat five to six times a day
Three meals and two to three small snacks. Include a lean protein, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a complex carbohydrate with each meal. This keeps your body energized and burning calories efficiently all day long.
## Tick – no problem with this idea either, its at the core of what I do

Choose organic whenever possible
If your budget limits you, make meat, eggs, dairy and the Dirty Dozen your organic priorities.
## Again tick – 100% agree

Drink at least two liters of water a day
Preferably from a reusable canteen, not plastic; we’re friends of the environment here! Limit your alcohol intake to one glass of antioxidant-rich red wine a day.
## Definitely – 2 litres of non exercise related water intake BUT I personally do not advocate one glass of wine a day. I find that people that have got into this habit are doing it for the wrong reasons – they are tired and stressed after a days work. They need to manage their energy and stress levels a different way (via nutrition) and save the red wine for a good upbeat family occasion.

Get label savvy
Clean foods contain just one or two ingredients. Any product with a long ingredient list is human-made and not considered clean.
## OK with this – but its not a good hard and fast rule, there are some very good foods with slightly longer ingredient lists. Did you see my banana photo for example – and hands up who thinks a banana is not an essential part of clean eating?

Avoid processed and refined foods
This includes white flour, sugar, bread and pasta. Enjoy complex carbs such as whole grains instead. Avoid these clean eating foes.
## Back to 100% agreement

Know thy enemies
Steer clear of anything high in trans fats, anything fried or anything high in sugar. Avoid preservatives, color additives and toxic binders, stabilizers, emulsifiers and fat replacers.
## Yep- agree again but this is where its beginning to sound hard to comply

Consume healthy fats
Aim to have essential fatty acids, or EFAs, every day.
## Yes – but what are they I can hear you ask? (My point exactly – its gotta be easy to stick to it)

Learn about portion sizes
Work towards eating within them.
## Yes

Reduce your carbon footprint
Eat produce that is seasonal and local. It is less taxing on your wallet and our environment.
## OK – but isn’t this where it all gets a bit hard – we are assuming the every day hassled housewife has time to think about all of this whilst controlling her toddler in a super market.

Shop with a conscience
Consume humanely raised local meats and ocean-friendly seafood.
## Ditto to my point above – I am not sure Mrs Busy housewife has energy to consider all of this

Slow down and savor
Never rush through a meal. Food tastes best when savored. Enjoy every bite!
## OK thought I had lost them – but no, agree with this

Take it to go
Pack a cooler for work or outings so you always have clean eats on the go.
## Nope, I agree in principle but in practise….really?

Make it a family affair
Food is a social glue that should be shared with loved ones. Improve the quality of your family’s life along with your own.
## Love the concept but they don’t live in my house with kids rushing off to before school swim squads or after school hockey practise. And there is always the slight issue that Dad does not appear until the kids are just about to go to sleep after a big day working in the city. You have to aim for one or two family meals a week – any more and its a bonus.

So – nutritional cleansing and clean eating principles are virtually 100% aligned. If you practise nutritional cleansing you are actually doing CLEAN EATING at the same time. But with one big difference – the system I use has sourced GLOBAL super foods and put them into simple smoothies, snacks and supplements to ensure our health is looked after from all perspectives AND that we can look and feel good all whilst living in the reality of today’s super busy world. Start by using the system and then take the time to learn what all your additional meals and snacks need to look like, employing as many of the above principles as possible. BUT be realistic. Convenience will win out every time for the average housewife, mother or busy working fella – so lets enjoy a system which embraces all the clean eating principles, makes us look and feel good AND is convenient meaning our longer term lifestyle compliance is far greater than if we had gone ”clean” alone.

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