So Where Did It All Begin?



Where did our story begin? 3 months ago we did a 600km bike ride over 4 days with 58 other people. Together we raised over $120,000 for the charity – Day of Difference. We were a bit worried before the event. We had never cycled more than 145km in one day, we had never repeated this experience for 4 days in a row and we had some health problems. I just kept getting headaches after every bike ride – big or small, Giles was overweight, found his new job as a Barrister rather stressful and neither of us slept well at night without a variety of magnesium based supplements. And after a long training ride we preferred to lie around on the sofa, eat crisps and definitely have nothing to do with our two delightful but full on kids.

A friend of a friend came around one night and chatted to us about some nutritional products that would help with these, and other problems. With nothing to lose we ordered our starter pack and tried our first full meal shake the very next day.

To cut a long story short – we did the ride, we did 150km every day, on some days Giles was a pack leader, on others I was, I did not get a single headache during the 4 days and we had the experience of a life time.

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