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What Can I Expect From Nutritional Cleansing?

You can expect to feel amazing after competing at least a 30 day nutritional cleansing program using the program that I have used now for over 2 years! I passionately believe that all of us deserve to feel fabulous every day, we deserve to wake up with a spring in our step and look forward to a day of energy and achievement. I also know that many of us do not feel this way and I implore you to find out more about this program – it does not hurt, does not cost any more than feeding ourselves the current junk that we do and leaves us feeling the best we have in years. Personally I lost 4kg, reduced my body fat to 16%, my metabolic (or cellular age) to 33 (and I’m 49) yet increased my energy levels and gave me the confidence, strength and endurance to undertake the most physically demanding endurance event possible – the Ironman.
In summary the benefits include:

  • Loss of weight, particularly visceral fat

  • Improved energy levels

  • Improved cellular and gut health

  • Emergence of radiant skin and vibrant hair 

  • Deeper sleep

  • Increased strength and endurance

What is Nutritional Cleansing?

Nutritional Cleansing, or cleaning of your body and cells, is undertaken in two main ways within a 30 day start-up period. 

  1. We feed ourselves the best nutrition possible to nourish and cleanse our bodies putting in as many clean macro-nutrients as possible as well as a raft of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and adaptogens. Its amazing to see a client start this program, take in our fabulous shakes and some of the additional supplements and see their bodies literally divest themselves of some of their rubbish cells to replace them with fabulous radiant hair and skin whilst building stronger body parts. We are nourishing and cleaning our body simply by taking in the vital ingredients of life in the cleanest and purest form.
  2. We also rest our body intermittently which allows our natural cleaning organs, the liver and the kidney, to do their proper job, which is to sift through the rubbish in the body and remove waste products. These rest days are called ‘cleanse days’ – days on which we refrain from eating major amounts of food and support our liver and kidney with a fabulous cleanse tonic stuffed full of all the supportive ingredients the organs need to undertake their role efficiently. In an initial 30 day period we may cleanse for 4 days – most likely 1 a week. These days do not hurt! In fact they are nourishing, we behave just like normal and we do not rush to the toilet every 5 minutes with a tummy upset! Long after I completed my 30 days I still undertake a cleanse day every month. Find out why below.

Why Do We Need to do Nutritional Cleansing?

The human body accumulates impurities and toxins. Our environments are polluted, our fruit and vegetables are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, there are chemicals in our cleaning products, shampoos and soaps and artificial colours and preservatives and flavours in packaged foods. It is difficult to avoid impurities and toxins no matter if we buy organic or attempt to eat as ‘cleanly’ as possible. 

Our body naturally has the ability to eliminate these impurities and toxins via our liver and kidneys however we are now exposed to such levels of toxicity that our bodies are struggling to deal with it, causing more food and environment related diseases than ever before. Your body is forced to store the excess toxins and impurities in fat cells. This stored waste makes your body become less energetic, slows down your metabolism resulting in unwanted & hard to eliminate accumulated toxic fat cells.  You feel sluggish, lack energy, have dull hair and skin, struggle to concentrate and sleep, and may, in the longer term, become prone to a variety of diseases.  

“In a  year from now, you will wish you had started today”

And Why Should I Consider Your Programme & Work With You?

I have aligned myself with a company who first started in the health and wellness space 14 years ago and has been researching the effects of nutritional cleansing for even longer. Their systems are clinically proven to help clients achieve the benefits listed above. As a biochemist it was important to me that I found a company that believes in scientific research as much as I do and is willing to share openly the results that they find.  With a team of over 50 scientists I think I have found a perfect fit! But even above the scientific facts, I needed to know that the products are as clean as they say they are and produced to the highest of standards. Time and time again I have seen and heard the evidence that the products are pure, tested by third parties to ensure they contain what they say they do, are no compromise on quality and that the company goes above and beyond the quality measures that the various authorities ask them to do in each of the countries in which we have officially launched. AND my final evidence: would I be feeling so good if they were, in fact, rubbish, or low quality? Would my clients reveal the same fabulous results as they have? (Have a look at our testimonials and before and after photos if you are still not convinced).
I work tirelessly with each of my clients to ensure they get the results they desire and deserve. Its not always an easy ride – after the damage we have caused our bodies over years of abuse through junk food, skipping meals, eating lower quality foods, excess coffee and alcohol – who thinks its gonna be easy?  But you will get what you put in and I will support, motivate and educate you the whole way providing practical advice, tips and accountability to get you there.

Please contact me to get started straight away

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