What the he*** is a 30 day cleanse?

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In January around 5,000 people from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be participating in a 30 day cleanse. What the?

OK – so it’s quite simple.
For 30 days you :
a) Take in some fabulous quality nutrition that your body will absolutely love including the world’s highest grade why protein. this nutrition will be in the form of 2 creamy gluten free, lactose and casein free shakes taken morning and either midday or evening.
b) You will have 2 protein rich mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks – boiled eggs, nut butter and humus make great choices
c) You will limit the calories you take in with your third meal to between 400 and 600 in a meal rich in wonderful protein likely from chicken or fish with as many leafy green vegetables as you can find
d) One day each week you will fast using a rich tonic 4 times in the day to help your liver and kidney do their cleaning jobs effectively; to eek yourself through the day you can take low calorie and low protein snacks like celery, limited almonds and tons of water
e) Over the 30 days you should severely reduce, if not, remove entirely, coffee and alcohol from your diet
f) And finally, but terribly important, drink water, water and more water

And why on earth would you do a cleanse?
Because it will make you feel GREAT! It will be a great way to kick start your 2015. It will almost definitely remove the additional 2-5kg that the average person gains over the Christmas festive season, it may remove other excess kilograms you have been carrying for some time, it will release new energy AND it will add to your lifetime and enjoyment of your life. I am sure that, even if you are not a person who makes New Year Resolutions normally that, somewhere deep inside, you feel that in 2015 Year you want to become fitter and healthier and make some positive changes for your health? YES? Well – this is a great way to start.

Is there a cost? Well no – not really? What would you normally spend on 2 meals a day, coffee, alcohol, treats – and the longer term medical bills resulting from problems caused by poor diet and lack of exercise? Too many $$$$ to count up I am sure – but if you are really pushing for a dollar value on the 30 day programme then its either $14 per day or $19 for the full-caboodle-covering-all bases option.

In my book that’s a cheap price to pay for good health, a good vibe, and a fabulous kick start to 2015.

Need more information and motivation? Please email for details on liz.staleton2@gmail.com or call on 0410 195567. Hurry though – the global cleanse starts on 12th January and the programme packs need to be ordered by 5th January to ensure the start date. All participants will be supported with a global cleanse Facebook group as well as by myself and my team.

So hurry up and grab your 2015 kick-start opportunity – and meanwhile have a fun and happy Christmas.

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