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Callum on Track for a Series Win in the U17 Victorian Mountain Bike Championships

Callum, a promising young mountain biker from Victoria needed a coach to help him juggle his commitments as a cyclist as well as identify his weaknesses and structure a weekly training plan to build his performance. His aim is to take the U17 title in the 2017/8 Victorian Mountain Bike Series. I stepped in 6 weeks ago and our relationship is already resulting in triumph on many levels.

The 8 best stretches and yoga poses for cyclists

Cyclists are generally lacking in flexibility. This affects both performance and enjoyment. This article looks at why flexibility suffers from cycling and explores why this in turn affects performance. The article recommends the top 8 stretches and yoga poses that all cyclists should incorporate into their weekly routine to ensure they benefit the most from time spent on the bike,

A Simple Explanation of Heart Rate Zones for the Endurance Cyclist

If you are one of the many heart rate monitor wearers that actually do not understand what and how to use a heart rate zone then this simple article explains what the five commonly used zones are, how you recognise them and how you can measure them for yourself.

7 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Triathlon

When I started triathlon 16 years ago I knew nothing! Sixteen years later I now coach beginner and experienced triathletes and ensure I pass on to all of them the wisdom gained from 16 years of getting it wrong! Why don't you short circuit 16 years and read this article now to discover the 7 things I wish I'd known when I started triathlon.

Iconic Noosa Triathlon – how Fiona became inspired and coached by Liz to complete her first ever Olympic distance triathlon

Fiona tells us how Liz inspired and coached her to her first Olympic distance event in the Noosa Triathlon

Kath McKenzie tells us why she is loving being part of the Bowral Classic Programme

Read this testimonial from Kath McKenzie to find out why she is loving being part of the Bowral Cycling Classic Training Programme

Another indoor session for the rainy day blues

Another rainy day? Never fear - we have the answer to your training blues. Try this intermediate level indoor bike session to chase the blues away and earn your dinner!

Why Cycle? Why Bother?

To answer this question simply I have resorted, not to my words, but to the words of one of the largest cycling authorities globally and publisher […]

Never do these 5 things after a bike ride!

After your ride, it’s tempting to just sit down, maybe scroll through Facebook, check your email, or do the hundreds of other things you have to get done in any given day. It might seem harmless, but you could be missing some key components of a good workout and a proper recovery. If you find yourself committing any of these post-ride faux pas, here's 5 ways to clean up your habits and finish your ride right.

Things to consider if you are in the market for your first road bike

Road bikes are designed purely for on-road use – they are fast, lightweight and efficient. They are great for general fitness training, as a social activity (they’ve […]

Liz’s High Cadence Indoor Bike Training Session

Cadence - the cyclist’s pedal rate measured in revolutions per minute (rpm), is one of the two components of power generation on a bicycle, with the other being gear size. The higher your cadence, in a specific gear combination, the greater your power output (i.e., more watts generated on the bike). While you can increase gear size to boost power, there are four key advantages of pedaling at a higher cadence. This article discusses these advantages and gives you an indoor session to help you improve your overall cadence.

Liz’s Mix It Up Indoor Bike Training Session

Many cyclists scoff at the indoor sessions preferring to ride for hours and hours through traffic lights and other time wasters to ensure their weekly strava km target is achieved. Then there are those that see an indoor bike training session as a highly effective use of time and a perfect way to control environmental factors and focus on cycling style, technique and power development. Even if you belong to the former category there will be days when it is impossible to cycle outdoors. This session mixes it all up, works you hard and develops muscle strength (in the one legged cycling drills), VO2 max (in the sprints) and endurance (in the pyramid). It certainly isn't boring either. Give it a go!