Why does getting healthy sometimes feel crap before it feels good?

Excerpt From An Article By Dr. Stanley (S. Bass, ND, D.C., PhD) Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding in the field of nutrition is the failure to understand […]

Liz Stapleton – You are an Ironmum!

You know when you dream of something, when you work hard for something, when you strive for something – you can’t quite believe it when it […]

Stuck in the Gym on the Treadmill?

Running is a great form of exercise, but too often gym-goers find themselves confined to the treadmill. Any exercise is beneficial, but there are established scientific […]

Will you take caffeine with that?

Last night I went to a very informative sports nutrition evening in which Liz Dene, nutritionist, exercise scientist and international fitness presenter took us through the […]