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Got a gnawing hole in your tummy? Fill it with delicious home made muesli!

Easy to make home-made muesli. Just throw some or all of the following into your blender, food processor or thermomix and pulse on and off for […]

Mid Morning Quiz – You’ll Be Amaze Balls at the Results

You have that mid morning ‘snack’ feeling. You know you should eat protein but the chocolate bar looks awfully tempting and the boiled egg looks – […]

7 simple tips to ensure you drink sufficient water everyday

You know you’ve drunk enough water when you feel energetic all day, do not suffer from food cravings just after you have had lunch and your skin glows so much that friends ask you what you are on! BUT - drinking water can get boring so here are 7 simple tips to help you guzzle more than 2 litres of water per day.

Stuck in the Gym on the Treadmill?

Running is a great form of exercise, but too often gym-goers find themselves confined to the treadmill. Any exercise is beneficial, but there are established scientific […]

I use nutritional cleansing to look and feel good. Am I practising ‘Clean Eating’?

As the popularity of the nutritional cleansing program I use increases in popularity across the globe, and particularly here in Australia, the number of critics of […]

Is Mince Pie Consumption this Christmas linked to the Performance of your Organisation?

If you eat just one mince pie every day in the lead-up to Christmas without compensating with extra exercise, you will be up to a kilo heavier […]