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Ed Jacka explains why he selected Liz to coach him to Ironman success

Ed Jacka explains why he needed a coach, what he looked for when choosing one and how Liz helped him fulfill his goals of becoming an Ironman.

Should I Eat Before I Workout in the Morning?

To fuel or not to fuel prior to a morning working out continues to be a hot topic in the world of dieting, sporting performance and healthy eating. But if excuses like "Ï'm just not hungry in the morning" or "I'm trying to lose weight" popped into your mind when you read this headline then read on to find out the perfect FUEL for your morning workout which will get the best out of your workout at minimal effort and maximum benefit to your body.

Achieving a Masterful Start to the 2017 Triathlon Season

It’s 6 weeks to Christmas and many of the 2016 triathlons are over. You know there will be a lull in training over the school holidays […]

Anything is Possible! Best get some good nutrition onboard though!

Our scientifically proven nutritional products have helped hundreds of people achieve their sporting goals. Amongst these people there are Olympians, past and present; people who have […]

Rookie Ironman – Cairns 2016 – Race Report

“So whose idea was this?” “Another fine mess you have got yourself into Liz.” “I can’t believe I have to get into that water for the […]

Being 40 Plus

I have lived with this fact for 9 years! Which fact? Being 40 of course! In fact I am in my 50th year and I feel […]

When Old Age Catches Up…..

Recently I have had the lucky ability to reverse my body’s aging processes by completely changing my diet. I switched to completely clean eating supported by […]

192 years old and in Paris – what to do?

So what do four women, combined age of 192, when in one of the worlds most visited tourist cities, do with themselves? They talk (a lot) […]

Will I – or Won’t I – Ever Enjoy Open Water Swimming?

I keep needing to reassure myself that I can do this openwater swimming thing. So every Thursday morning I wake up early, I tell myself that […]

Do I still have an Olympic in me at 48?

An Olympic? An Olympic What? An Olympic triathlon!!! What the? Well – the background to this story is that 13 years ago I was a fairly […]

An inspiration for us all

On 19th October 2014 my husband, 43 year old Giles, completed his first ever half iron man. Most of us know this as a fairly grueling […]