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Liz Stapleton – You are an Ironmum!

You know when you dream of something, when you work hard for something, when you strive for something – you can’t quite believe it when it […]

What Are you Doing for You in 2016?

January is almost over, some of your New Year’s Resolutions will already be old news and very soon the kids go back to school. So what […]

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!

Feel the fear and do it anyway – the title of a rather famous motivational mindset book which I read 10 years ago and cast aside. […]

Do I still have an Olympic in me at 48?

An Olympic? An Olympic What? An Olympic triathlon!!! What the? Well – the background to this story is that 13 years ago I was a fairly […]

From here to – Executive within a year!!!

I recently rank advanced in my new business – from consultant to manager and I was asked to explain my ‘reason why’ I do this business […]