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Kate recently completed her first Standard Triathlon after working with Liz

Personal Training Plan - Kate D

12 months ago, I decided that 2017 was going to be the year of my first triathlon. I also met Liz around the same time and in the space of 0.5 seconds, I knew she was the person who was going to help get me ready for Noosa Tri.

As a cyclist who had never dabbled in a multi-sport event, having Liz on my team to set out my weekly training schedule and keep me accountable for my sessions was incredibly valuable. She quickly figured out my strengths, areas for improvement, and the sweet spot for me in terms of training load and was fantastic in accommodating my busy, ever-changing schedule.
Her nutritional advice was also on point – her advice helped me recover quicker and have some of my best ever quality training sessions.
In addition to the wealth of training and nutritional knowledge, Liz was invaluable in helping me prepare mentally for the event and was incredibly generous in sharing her tips and tricks to help get me through race day. I completed my first ever triathlon with a few minutes up my sleeve, and some new goals for 2018. I have never worked with a coach before Liz, and I have resolved to never compete in an event without one again – preferably Liz!

It's the personal touch that makes the difference

Client Happiness (1)

Liz provides a hell of a lot of value and I think that her prices are great given the amount of time she spends with a person every week. Compared to other weekly memberships Liz’s rate is actually quite low given that she spends 1-2 hours per week on each client, tailoring a program and advice individually.  Kate De Beer, Melbourne

I can honestly say that, when the alarm went at 6am this morning, I would not have got out of bed if it wasn’t for Liz! Knowing she was going to ask me how the session went, knowing she would hold me accountable, made me get up and run. Tim Nelson, Mona Vale

The biggest difference Liz made was when she asked me why I was running so slowly! She told me all my interval training suggested much faster times. Something clicked and my time in the 10K at the end of my first ever Standard distance triathlon was 3 minutes faster than the speed I had been doing over the same distance in training. Liz knew me so well by the end of my plan that she challenged me in just the right way to get the best result on race day. Nicole Neale, Melbourne

Liz designs the perfect training plan balancing experience, lifestyle and family goals

Our proven practical approach sets realistic expectations, coaches you on nutrition to sustain good performance and develops a flexible training plan enabling you to achieve your goals.

Initial 2 hour strategy consultation. Any event supported.
Weekly motivation/reset call for at least 30 minutes. 24/7 email/phone/SMS support
12 week personalised and flexible training plan delivered via Training Peaks (online app)
Nutritional support & guidelines for maximal training and race performance
On site sessions are included FREE if locations suit
A personal experience – your goals, your results, your success
Supportive, responsive and motivational coach available online, FB & F2F
Simple nutritional advice to support your training goals and needs
Targeted and flexible exercise plan to fit the pockets of your life and vary with weekly circumstances
Extras include videos, podcasts and ad-hoc phone calls if challenges arise
We can develop a training plan for ANY event. Just call us to discuss.

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And read some testimonials from clients ...

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“18 months ago I was a busy working mum never finding the time to exercise. Liz inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and take on goals that I never thought possible.  Liz has coached me to two Sprint triathlons and a Standard triathlon.” Read More…

Fiona Blakely, Sydney

Liz specialises in women’s fitness, particularly Mum’s who are lacking in energy, want some specific exercise advice because they are unhappy about their weight or are looking for simple strategies to reclaim their bodies. Liz has provided me with a range of options and advice in recent months including smart advice on nutrition and getting and staying fit.

Cate Buchanan, Sydney

“After signing up for my first half ironman I knew I needed some help. When seeking a coach, nutrition and a training plan were my key objectives.  I called Liz due to her nutritional expertise and previous experience in Ironman.  From our first meeting it was a great experience of learning and building toward my event.  Liz understood my goal and my life and made sure that the program was designed to achieve my goals while being realistic within my busy life.” Read More …

Ed Jacka, Sydney


Powerful F2F & online coaching, nutrition and training programs to help prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally to complete a triathlon, run or bike event OR to supercharge your health and drop a dress size in 30 days

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