Kate recently completed her first Standard Triathlon after working with Liz

I have no idea when completing a triathlon made it on to my bucket list, but 12 months ago, I decided that 2017 was going to be the year I was going to tick it off. As fate would have it, I also met Liz around the same time and in the space of about 0.5 seconds, I knew she was the person who was going to coach me and help get me ready for the Noosa Tri.

As a cyclist who had never dabbled in a multi-sport event, having Liz on my team to set out my weekly training schedule and keep me accountable for my sessions was so incredibly valuable. She quickly figured out my strengths, areas for improvement, and the sweet spot for me in terms of training load and was fantastic in accommodating my busy, ever-changing schedule.
Her nutritional advice was also on point – after a few weeks of following her advice, I was recovering quicker and having some of the best quality training sessions I’d had in a long time.
In addition to the wealth of training and nutritional knowledge, Liz was totally invaluable in terms of helping me prepare mentally for the event and was incredibly generous in sharing her tips and tricks to help get me through race day. And get through it I did, completing my first ever triathlon with a few minutes up my sleeve, and some new goals for 2018. I had never worked with a coach before Liz, and I have resolved to never compete in an event without one again – preferably Liz!

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