Managing Triathlon Transitions

Welcome to the fourth element of a triathlon event! What – you didn’t know there were four?! Well – start thinking of transition as the fourth element – one where good planning and practise can take 5 or more minutes OFF your overall time.

To put these 5 minutes into perspective, start thinking about how long and hard you need to train to remove 5 minutes from your swim, bike or run leg. See what I mean? Why train hard on these three and forget transition? By leaving the fourth element to chance you could waste all those months of effort.

I have put together a short presentation with voice-over to help get you thinking. Now it’s your turn to practise. Worst case simply visualize what and how you will approach each transition. Where you will remove your wetsuit, what clothes you will put on, will you or won’t you wear socks in the bike and the run.

Look at the presentation in full screen slideshow mode and you will get the full value from my quirky commentary as well!

Any questions please give me a shout.

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