Ed Jacka explains why he selected Liz to coach him to Ironman success

After signing up for a half Ironman I knew I needed some help to convert me from a 10k runner into an endurance athlete across the three sports.  When seeking a coach, nutrition and a training plan were my key objectives.
I called Liz as I knew she has nutritional expertise and completed a number of ironman events herself.  From our first meeting it has been a great experience of learning and building toward my event.  Liz started with understanding my goal and my life to make sure the program was designed to achieve my goals while being realistic within my busy life.
I enjoyed learning the importance of heart rate zones, cadence and nutrition.  It was fantastic having Liz to set my weekly program so I didn’t have to think about it. Sure I couldn’t always stick to it but it motivated me everyday and built me up, injury free to get to the start line.
By the time of the event I was super glad I had Liz pushing me to go that little bit harder, Im usually anxious at the start line but this time, in my biggest event, I was really quite relaxed. I was confident I had done all the training and just needed to push myself through the next five hours.
Ultimately I exceeded my expectations by half an hour and I put it down to the coaching by Liz to make sure my body was ready and that I knew how to manage my heart rate and nutrition throughout the event.
Thanks so much Liz and all the best with your future clients.
Ed Jacka, Beacon Hill
Busselton 70.3 – May 2017 – 5:05.12

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